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The Atari 2600 was first released in North America in September 1977 and featured 9 launch titles: Air-Sea BattleBasic MathBlackjackCombatIndy 500Star ShipStreet RacerSurround and Video Olympics. The final licensed Atari 2600 game released in North America was Secret Quest in 1989, and the final licensed game released in Europe was Klax and Acid Drop in 1990 and 1992. Even with their 1980s limited colors and block graphics these games are still entertaining to play today! We have over 500 Atari 2600 games for you to play online for free using our Atari 2600 Javascript Emulator.

This game is mobile device friendly and Iphone compatible. Enjoy!

Instructions and Keyboard Controls towards bottom of page.
Click “Game Reset” or F12 to Start Game

Cosmic Commuter

If you grew up in the 80’s you shouldn’t need instructions!! You might find some help at and look up the game you need assistance playing.

Click “Game Reset” or F12 to Begin/Restart Game
Arrow Keys – Move
Space bar to fire/action button

|                      |
| Cosmic Commuter (tm) |

WAY BACK IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, a bunch of Ivy League Professors
sat around inventing space colongied.  they were lauded as
visionaries and went on as lecture tours.  Do you think they thought
about traffic jams in space?

Somehow, we don't think they did.

We're the G.T.A --- Galactic Travel Authority.  The movers of the
daily grind, circa 2075 A.D.

And we're glad you're working for us now.
___________________________________________________________ ACTIVISION

1. Land your Rocket Module.  The Astrobus will instantly seperate and
   begin the commute route.
2. Pick up commuters when theyappear at surface but stops.  Stay on
3. When route is completed, return to the Rocket Module and reconnect.
4. Lift-off, Drliver commuters to Grand Central Space Station.

- With power off, plug in game cartridge.
- Plug in LEFT Joystick (right Joystick is not used).
- Select game level one or two with the game select switch. Level two
  is most challenging, with obstacles being faster and more numerous.
  The Difficulty Switch is not used.
- To start a new game at any time, press the Reset Switch.  You can
  now land your Rocket Module.
- The Astrobus follows the movements of the Joystick.  To blast
  meteors and space mines, press the red button. To pick up a
  commuter, fly over his head and quickly pukk the Joystick towards
- A bonus bus wil be added to your fleet with each increase of 10,000
- Mandatory retirement is enforced when you have lost your entire
  fleet of busses.

1. Before an Astrobus can begin it's route, it must touch down as part
   of the Rocket Mosule.  For this initial landing, Joystick action
   must be delicate and precise. Push forward to thruse, pull back to
   cut back engines.
2. The Route Scanner Strip is the lower left of your instrument panel.
   The eight yellow squares represent the commuters waiting along your
   orbital route.  The moving white dot is represents your Astrobus.
   Use the Scanner to check your distance from the Rocket Module and
   your direction.  It also displays the number of commuters remaining
   and their location.
3. Commuters won't wait all day!  If you're taking too long to arrive,
   they'll leave...and you will hear a series of low tones.  You must
   pick up at least one commuter on the route or you will be unable
   to reconnect with the Module.
4. When you've completed your route, a continuous beep will sound.
   Fly to the 'end of the line' to meet the Rocket Module.  When it
   appears, land the Astrobus directly on top of it.
5. Watch your fuel level.  When the indicator drops to "3", your
   engines will sputter.  Refuel by flying into a purple fuel pod.
   Fuel pods are unavailable once you've completed the route.
6. Meteors, fireballs and space mines can be dealt with handily by
   using your red button blaster.
7. Commuter Delivery.  After the Module reconnection, prepare for
   lift-off.  Thrust your engines and head directly up to Grand
   Central Space Station.  You'll hear the commuters pay their fare
   in the form of points.  If all eight commuters been picked up,
   delivery points will double!

Tips for Trainees
Jou Muldooner, Local 472, said, "The best way to stay on schedule is
to fly close to the surface.  You'll lose time if you fly all over
the place, trying to shoot everything."

Maude Spinetti, Local 12, added, "I aim to get all eight commuters.
That's when those bonus fares realy pour in."

Amron Smert, dispatcher, said, "Learn to use the Scanner to choose
direction.  Remember that it represents an orbit, not a straight line.
So sometimes the quickest way to either end of the display is to fly
in what appears to be the opposite direction."

Finally, an anonymous voice whispered a secret: "If there are no fuel
pods around, one will often appear if you fly to the top of the screen
and shoot three times.  But even this won't work once all the
commuters are gone."

                                           Designed by    [insert mug]
                                          John van Ryzin  [shot here.]

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manual typed by Galen Komatsu      1996.5.23

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CosmicCommuter Arcade Game Emulated on the Atari 2600. Play CosmicCommuter in your web browser or mobile phone. This Atari 2600 console emulator provides very accurate CosmicCommuter gameplay. CosmicCommuter is a classic 1980s Atari 2600 video game.