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The Atari 2600 was first released in North America in September 1977 and featured 9 launch titles: Air-Sea BattleBasic MathBlackjackCombatIndy 500Star ShipStreet RacerSurround and Video Olympics. The final licensed Atari 2600 game released in North America was Secret Quest in 1989, and the final licensed game released in Europe was Klax and Acid Drop in 1990 and 1992. Even with their 1980s limited colors and block graphics these games are still entertaining to play today! We have over 500 Atari 2600 games for you to play online for free using our Atari 2600 Javascript Emulator.

This game is mobile device friendly and Iphone compatible. Enjoy!

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If you grew up in the 80’s you shouldn’t need instructions!! You might find some help at and look up the game you need assistance playing.

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U.S. Games Corporation
A Subsidiary of The Quaker Oats Company
1515 Wyatt Drive
Santa Clara, California 95054
  Gopher is a one or two player, full color game
designed to be played on the Atari Video Computer
System or the Sears Video Arcade.
  Gophers have launched a merciless assault on your
carrot patch. Grab your shovel and fill those holes
before they tunnel out and eat your choice carrots.
With no time to run back to the barn for more seeds
to plant, it's a good thing that crazy duck keeps flying
by dropping them. But it's awfully tricky to catch a seed,
plant it, and still keep those persistent Gophers away.
Just when you think everything's under control, they
get faster and hungrier! Take a deep breath, and let
the battle begin.
Set-Up Instructions:
1. Connect the Atari Video Computer System or
   Sears Video Arcade following the manufacturer's
2. Install left joystick control for single player, or both
   for two player game.
3. Insert the cartridge making certain that the power
   is OFF.
4. Move the POWER switch to ON.
5. Select the game of your choice.
6. Press the red fire button on the joystick to start
   the game.
7. Push the RESET button anytime to start a new game.
8. After the game is over, a new game may be started
   by pressing the fire button on the joystick.
      Position A - Very Smart Gopher
      Position B - Smart Gopher
      Position A - Very Smart Gopher
      Position B - Smart Gopher
- Use left joystick for single player, both joysticks for
  two player.
- Move farmer by moving joystick left and right.
- Fill the holes and bonk the Gophers by positioning
  the farmer above hole and depressing the fire button.
Game Variations:
Game 1 - Single player with duck.
Game 2 - Two player with duck.
Game 3 - Single player; no seed planting.
Game 4 - Two player; no seed planting. 
Each Gopher bonked            = 100 points
Each section of tunnel filled =  20 points
Playing Hints:
- Stay somewhat centered in the carrot patch, and
  slightly move back and forth with movement of the
  Gopher - but don't follow him. He can move much
  quicker than you and also will appear on one side 
  and then the other. Move out cautiously but quickly,
  and fill the nearest hole that is up to the surface -
  maybe only partially because you have to get back
  to protecting your carrots.
- Bonking: This very strategic and satisfying game-
  play technique could be the answer to that multidigit
  score! You can Bonk the Gopher on the head as he
  emerges from his hole or anywhere above ground
  as he runs for a carrot. This is the most rewarding
  accomplishment as you receive 100 points for bonk-
  ing and can manage enough time for a chuckle
  before your next bonk! Timing and accurate position-
  ing is the key to bonking.
- Planting: This can be tricky but the best approach is
  - stay cool! Don't panic when the seed is dropped.
  Keep one eye on the Gopher; and, meanwhile, posi-
  tion the farmer approximately under the falling seed.
  Then, make your last fine tuned adjustments by tap-
  ping the joystick the appropriate direction to catch
  the seed.
- IMPORTANT: If only one carrot remains and you 
  have a choice between bonking and planting, by all
  means BONK; if you lose that last carrot, it's back to
  shoveling out the barn.
  By the way, it is possible to catch a seed, bonk a
  Gopher, and then plant the seed. If you manage to
  do this, you can probably also pat your head and rub
  your tummy while hanging by your knees. Anyway -
- Look for more U.S. Games video games wherever
  you buy game cartridges. Drop us a note and we'll
  be glad to add your name to our mailing list and keep
  you posted on new game cartridges when they
  become available.
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Gopher Arcade Game Emulated on the Atari 2600. Play Gopher in your web browser or mobile phone. This Atari 2600 console emulator provides very accurate Gopher gameplay. Gopher is a classic 1980s Atari 2600 video game.