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The Atari 2600 was first released in North America in September 1977 and featured 9 launch titles: Air-Sea BattleBasic MathBlackjackCombatIndy 500Star ShipStreet RacerSurround and Video Olympics. The final licensed Atari 2600 game released in North America was Secret Quest in 1989, and the final licensed game released in Europe was Klax and Acid Drop in 1990 and 1992. Even with their 1980s limited colors and block graphics these games are still entertaining to play today! We have over 500 Atari 2600 games for you to play online for free using our Atari 2600 Javascript Emulator.

This game is mobile device friendly and Iphone compatible. Enjoy!

Instructions and Keyboard Controls towards bottom of page.
Click “Game Reset” or F12 to Start Game

Omega Race

If you grew up in the 80’s you shouldn’t need instructions!! You might find some help at and look up the game you need assistance playing.

Click “Game Reset” or F12 to Begin/Restart Game
Arrow Keys – Move
Space bar to fire/action button

[ NOTE: A Colecovision joystick may be stubstituted for the Atari
Joystick Controller/Booster-Grip combination if you do not have the
Booster-Grip adaptor. ]

                                                 tm *
             O   M   E   G   A      R   A   C   E

For the Atari 2600.
For one or two players.


(c) 1983 CBS Toys, A Division of CBS, Inc.
* OMEGA RACE is a trademark of Bally Midway Mfg. Co.
(c) 1981, 1983 Bally Midway Mfg. Co. All Rights Reserved.
Atari and 2600 are trademarks of Atari, Inc.

                         CBS ELECTRONICS


1. Hook up your video game system, following manufacturer's

2. With the power OFF, plug in your video game cartidge.

3. Turn power ON.  If no image appears, check the connection of your
game system to the TV, then repeat steps 1-3.

                        tm *
4. Slip the Booster-Grip over the shaft of a Joystick Controller so
that the bottom rim of the Booster-Grip rests snugly in the base of
the shaft.

[ To the left of this instruction is a drawing of the Booster-Grip
sliding down over the shaft of a Joystick Controller ]

5. Insert the plug of the Joystick Controller into the plug of the
Booster-Grip as shown and then plug the completed assembly into the
LEFT CONTROLLER jack of your video system.

[ To the left of this instruction is a drawing of the (socket) plug at
the end of the Joystick Controller cord inserting into the (pin)
socket of the Booster-Grip ]

6. Use the GAME SELECT switch to select either the one-player (Game 1)
or two-player (Game 2) version of the game.  Details for setting up
the two-player version may be found in the back of this manual.

7. To start the game, press the GAME RESET switch.  The race is on!

Programmed for CBS Electronics by Bally Midway Mfg. Co., Chicago,
* BOOSTER-GRIP Patent Pending.

Note: Never remove your video game cartidge from the console unless
the power is turned OFF.


To The Earthling:

We, the leaders of the Omegan Star System, have spent countless eons
perfecting our method of training our warrirs to defend our star
colonies.  This method -- you may call it OMEGA RACE -- has proven so
successful that evildoers tremble at the mere thought of interfering
with us.  As a result, our lives have become rather mundane and
boring.  So now we search the galaxies for other forms of intelligent
life fast and tough enough to meet the challenge of our OMEGARACE.
Having failed to locate such life, we're settling for you.  We await
you in the arena!

The Omegans [ In cursive, no less! ]


The object of OMEGA RACE is to evade enemy fire and score points by
destroying the various types of Omegan Warrior Ships and Photon Mines
you'll encounter while speeding around a mysterious cosmic arena.

###    ###  FIGHTER SHIPS
  ##  ##    You begin each game with a fleet of three Fighter Ships. 
    ##      Only one Fighter at a time may maneuver around the arena.
            The number of Fighters remaining in reserve is indicated
by the number of squares appearing in the lower right corner of your

Use your Booster-Grip adaptor with your Joystick Controller to gain
complete control over your Fighter.  After fitting the Joystick with
the Booster-Grip, hold the assembly so that the red button on the base
of the controller is to your upper left toward the screen and the
trigger on the Booster-Grip is facing front.  Tightly grasp the
Booster-Grip so that your forefinger rests on the trigger and your
thumb rests on the booster.  Both the booster and the red button on
the base of the controller perform the same function in OMEGA RACE;
they control your Fighter's thrust.  The trigger is used to fire your
laser cannon.  The Booster-Grip itself serves as your Fighter's
directional control.  Use it to steer your Fighter in any direction
and to aim your laser cannon.

[ To the left of this paragraph is a picture of a joystick with a
Booster-Grip adaptor on it. ]

[ NOTE: A Colecovision joystick may be stubstituted for the Atari
Joystick Controller/Booster-Grip combination if you do not have the
Booster-Grip adaptor. ]

Your laser cannon will fire only in the direction in which your
Fighter is pointed.  While you have an unlimited supply of ammunition,
you may fire off only two shots at a time.

Extra Fighters are awarded at the following point levels: 30,000,
80,000, and 150,000.  However, you may never have more than four
Fighters in reserve at any one time.


Each wave, or rack, you'll encounter will be made up of seven Omegan
Warior Ships, each one programmed to destroy your Fighter by either
blasting it to bits or ramming right into it.  As each wave is
cleared, a new wave will take its place, made up of faster, nastier,
and craftier Omegan Warior Ships.  The three classes of Omegan Warrior
Ship are:

      ###         DROID SHIPS
   ###   ###      During the first attack wave (Rack 1) these ships
###         ###   remain motionless, representing more of an obstacle
###         ###   than a threat.  In later waves, however, they begin 
   ###   ###      to orbit the arena at an ever-increasing rate.

      ###         COMMAND SHIPS
   ###   ###      Every wave contains at least one Command Ship and it
###   ###   ###   is this class of ship that should be your primary
###   ###   ###   target.  Command Ships fire directly upon you, forcing
   ###   ###      you to use evasive maneuvers in order to survive long
      ###         enough to return their fire.  If a Command Ship is
                  destroyed, one of the remaining Droid Ships will
immediately take its place.

####        ####  DEATH SHIPS
   ###    ###     The longer a Command Ship eludes your laser fire, the
     ######       closer it gets to transforming into a madly-spinning
   ###    ###     Death Ship.  These "ninjas of space" represent the
####        ####  ultimate in Omegan technology, rebounding off the walls
                  of the arena, varying both speed and direction, firing
an endless succession of laser blasts and leaving behind a deadly trail of
explosive Photon Mines.  Should you be skillful enough to destroy a Death
Ship, it'll just be a matter of micro-seconds before another Command Ship
turns into one.

As you advance through wave after wave, Command Ships will appear more
frequently and the speed of _all_ Omegan Warrior Ships will increase.
And, like mose perfectionists, their skills as marksmen will improve.

Points are scored for every ship and Photon Mine destroyed including
those destroyed in a suicide crash.  Should your Fighter be destroyed,
oyu next Fighter will commence the race at the current rack level,
_but against a full complement of seven Omegan Warrior Ships!_

        ##        PHOTON MINES
     ###  ###     Photon Mines left by Death Ships are a lot like mustard
  ###        ###  gas; they're very persistent.  A Photon Mine will stay
     ###  ###     exactly where it is until you either blast it or crash
        ##        into it.  Of the two, the first way is more desirable.
                  However, any Photon Mines left in the arena when a wave
is cleared will automatically be disintegrated.


Every group of four waves constitutes and Omegan Droid Force.  Every
time you successfully eliminate a Droid Force (For example: Racks 1
to 4, Racks 5 to 8, etc.) you'll recieve a bonus of 5,000 points as a
reward for your stamina and endurance.


The game ends when you sacrifice your last Fighter in a race that
never ends...OMEGA RACE!


Your score is displayed at the top of the screen throughout the game.
Point values:
Photon Mine         500 points
Droid Ship        1,000 points
Command Ship      1,500 points
Death Ship        2,500 points
Droid Force Bonus 5,000 points


Two players may compete in OMEGA RACE, alternating turns.  There are
two different ways to set up your video game console for the
two-player game.  If you own only one Booster-Grip, use the GAME
SELECT switch to select Game 2 and set the RIGHT DIFFICULTY switch to
B.  Both players will then use the same controller, trading back and
forth at the beginning of each turn.  IF you own a second
Booster-Grip, connect it to another Joystick Controller and plug it
into the RIGHT CONTROLLER jack.  Select Game 2 and set the RIGHT
DIFFICULTY switch to A.  Each player will then be able to use his/her
own controller.  Either way, game play remains the same, except that
the second player's score appears at the bottom of the screen instead
of the top.


1. Learn to use your Booster-Grop to control your direction as you
ricochet off the walls of the arena.  Mastering this technique will
almost always enable you to maintain a good position for destroying
both Command Ships and Death Ships.

2. Use your thrust sparingly to "float" back and forth or up and
down.  You'll be able to fire without worrying about navigating.

3. To rack up really high scores, go for the more valuable ships
first.  Since they're always replaced, you'll be able to get more
points for the same quantity of ships destroyed.

              C  B  S     E  L  E  C  T  R  O  N  I  C  S


CBS Inc. ("CBS") warrants to the original consumer purchaser of this
CBS Electronics cartidge for a period of ninety days from the date of
purchase that it is free from any defects in materials or
workmanship.  If any such defect is discovered within the warranty
period, CBS will repair or replace the cartridge, at its option, free
of charge on receipt of the cartridge woth proof of date of purchase,
postage paid, at: CBS Electronics, 601 Doremus Avenue, Newark, NJ

In the even that your cartridge is replaced, the replacement will be
continued on the original warranty for the balance of its term or for
30 days, whichever is longer.

This warranty is limited to the electronic circuitry and mechanical
parts originally provided by CBS and is not applicable to normal wear
and tear.  This warranty shall not apply to defectrs arising from
abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty
lasts or do not allow the exclusion of limitations of incidental or
consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not
apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have
other rights which vary from state to state.

CBS Toys, A Division of CBS, Inc., Newark, NJ  07105


[ This manual was typed in by Bryan T. Raynor.  Feel free to address
any comments/questions to  The tip regarding use of
the Colecovision Joystick in place of the Booster-Grip adaptor was
provided by Greg Chance. ]

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OmegaRace Arcade Game Emulated on the Atari 2600. Play OmegaRace in your web browser or mobile phone. This Atari 2600 console emulator provides very accurate OmegaRace gameplay. OmegaRace is a classic 1980s Atari 2600 video game.