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California Games NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.

California Games

Instruction manual

Welcome to California, home of the most awesome sports going!  You're invited
to tour the Golden State as you tackle six challenging events.

First stop is Hollywood, for radical skateboard action on the Half Pipe.  Then
it's up to San Francisco for some fancy footwork in the Foot Bag contest.
After that, chill out on the beach with Surfing and Rollerskating

Still got some energy?  Hit the desert to pump your pedals in BMX Bike Racing.
Then wind up a whirl-wind tour at Yosemite for a fling with the Flying Disk.
That's six massive events.  You're gonna have your hands full.  Not to mention
your feet!

Practice your moves.  In no time flat, you'll be aggro enough to attack the
competition!  Be the Best in the West, and you'll capture the first place

Using the Controller
To move-Press the control pad in the directions shown at right.
To make a selection-Press BUTTON A.
To go to the next event-Press BUTTON A.
To return to the options screen after practice or competition-Press BUTTON A.
To pause-Press the START BUTTON.
To restart after pausing-Press the START BUTTON again.

The Options
When the CALIFORNIA GAMES title screen appears, press the START BUTTON to get
the options screen.  Then select one of the four options shown below.


To select an option, press the control pad UP or DOWN to move the pointer on
the screen.  Once the pointer is next to the option you want, press BUTTON A.

Option 1: Compete in all events
Select this option to compete in all six events.  Trophies are awarded after
each event, and a championship trophy is awarded after the sixth event.

Each player (up to 8 can play) signs on as follows:

1. Enter you name.  On the name screen, press the control pad RIGHT, LEFT, UP
or DOWN to select the letters in your name.  Press BUTTON A for each letter
selection (up to six letters).

To erase a letter selection, select the word RUB and press BUTTON A.

Press END after entering you name, to get the team selection screen.

2. Choose your tea,.  On the team screen, press the control pad RIGHT, LEFT,
UP, or DOWN to outline the team you want.  Then press BUTTON A to make your
selection, so the next player can sign on.

After all players have signed on, move directly to END on the next name
screen, and press BUTTON A.  Now you'll begin the first event.

Option 2: Compete in some events
Select this option to compete in the event(s) of your choice.  Enter names and
choose teams as described in Option 1.

On the event screen, move the pointer to each event you want to compete in,
and press BUTTON A to select it.  When you're done selecting, move the pointer
to DONE and press BUTTON A.

Option 3: Practice one event
Select this option to practice an event rather that compete.  Choose your
event as in Option 2.  You won't be asked to enter your name or choose a team.
Also, no scores are saved.

After practicing an event, you'll be asked if you want to practice again.
Press the control pad UP or DOWN to select YES or NO.  Then press BUTTON A.

Option 4: View high scores
Select this option to see the highest event scores recorded during the current
play session.  Press BUTTON A to view high scores; then press BUTTON A again
to return to the options screen.

The Games
Grab your skateboard and kneepads-it's time to hit the half pipe!  Combine
strength with agility for a really radical romp on the ramp!

Object: Ride the board back and forth on the ramp, and perform stunts using
skill and timing.  You have a 1-minute, 15-second time period, or three falls,
to score as many points as possible.

To start the event, press BUTTON A.

To gain speed, press the control pad UP as the skater goes up the ramp, then
DOWN as the skater goes down.

To perform a stunt, use the controls as shown in the diagram on the next page
[below].  Timing is critical!

You'll fall if you don't start or complete a stunt within the time allowed.

IMPORTANT:  Face left to perform a stunt on the left side of the ramp; face
right to perform a stunt on the right side of the ramp.

Kick Turns: Press and hold the control pad LEFT or RIGHT, depending on which
side of the ramp you're on.  The skater will turn around to face the opposite
direction.  Release the pad to complete the turn.

Aerial Turns: Perform these turns in the same way as kick turns-except you
must "catch air" to perform a successful aerial turn.  That is, you must wait
until you're off the lip before pressing the control pad.

Hand Plants: Press and hold BUTTON A as you approach the lip of the ramp.  The
skater will plant his hands on the lip and flip the board over his head.
Release BUTTON A just after the board arcs over and returns to the ramp.

Scoring: Earn maximum points by taking risks.  Wait until the last second to
start each stunt-and complete it just before you would have wiped out.  Some
stunts are more difficult and earn higher scores than others.

Scoring is as follows:

Kick Turn: 100-300 points
Hand Plant: 400-700 points
Aerial Turn: 400-999 points

Strategy: It's important to build up enough speed for each stunt.  To gain
speed quickly, do a "fakie" by pressing and holding the control pad UP or DOWN
the full length of the ramp.  Don't go too fast, or you'll wipe out!

     PRESS PAD      {                                   }    PRESS PAD
     RIGHT TO START {                                   }    LEFT TO START
     AERIAL TURN    {                                   }    AERIAL TURN
     PRESS BUTTON A { |                           |     }    PRESS BUTTON A
     TO START       { |                           |     }    TO START
     HAND PLANT     { |                           |     }    HAND PLANT
                       \                         /     
     PRESS PAD      {   \                      /        }    PRESS PAD
     RIGHT TO START {     \                  /          }    LEFT TO START
     KICK TURN      {       ----------------            }    KICK TURN


Kick back with some fast footwork in the Foot Bag event!  It's a lot like
juggling with your feet.  Can you keep the bag bouncing while you perform
variety of stunts?

Object: Bounce the foot bag off your head, knees and feet.  Do as many kicks
and stunts as you can within the 1-minute, 15-second time period.

To start the event, press BUTTON A for the kick-off.

To kick the bag, press BUTTON A as the bag falls toward the ground-just before
it reaches your head, knee, or foot.

To perform a head butt, press BUTTON A just before the bag drops below the
level of your head.

To perform a stunt, change position while the bag is in the air.  For example,
do a half axle by pressing the control pad DOWN to turn around before your
next trick.

Scoring: You earn points for each successful kick and stunt.  More difficult
stunts earn higher scores.  You lose time if you drop the bag or kick it off
the screen.  Stunts are explained on the next page.

Any Kick: (10 points)
Half Axle: (250 points) And two kicks with a half spin in between.
Full Axle: (500 points) Any two kicks with a full spin in between.
Axle Foley: (750 points) Any two kicks with one-and-a-half spins in between.
Horseshoe: (500 points) Left back kick + right back kick.
Jester (2000 points) Left jumping kick or right jumping kick.
Double Arch: (2500 points) Left outside kick + right outside kick +left
             outside kick
Doda: (5000 points) Left outside kick + head butt + right outside kick.
Dizzy Dean: (1500 points) Front head butt + back head butt.
Head Banger: (1500 points) Back head butt + front head butt.
Catch from off screen: (1500 points)

Strategy: The more complicated stunts and kicks you can complete before time
runs out, the higher your score will be.  Special bonus points are awarded for
variety, so do as many different stunts as you can.

Surf's up!  Are you up to pitting your board against a totally massive wave?
You'll shoot the curl, shred the tube-or eat a little sand, if the going gets

Object: Ride the wave as long as you can, "using" it to your best advantage.  You have a 1-minute, 30-second time limit, or 4 wipeouts, to score points.

To start the event, press BUTTON A.  Press the control pad LEFT immediately,
to avoid wiping out as your ride begins.

To steer left, press the control pad LEFT.

To steer right, press the control pad RIGHT.

To make sharper turns, press and hold down BUTTON A as you turn.  Note that
sharp turns slow you down.

To end your ride cleanly, go over the top of the wave just before time runs

Catching air: If you clear the crest of the wave you can "catch air," then
catch the wave again.  Try a 360 turn while you're up there!

Wiping out: Don't ride too close to the bottom of the wave or too far inside
the curl, or you'll "wipe out."  You'll also wipe out if you land at the wrong
angle after "catching air."  It takes practice to avoid wipeouts!

Scoring: Points are awarded for the length of your ride, the number of turns
you make and your speed during turns.  You'll score high for catching air.
Riding the tube (underneath the curl) and riding near the break earn extra
points, too.

Strategy: The better you "use" the wave, the more the judges will rave!  A
safe, straight ride far ahead of the break counts for very little.  Take
risks, avoid wipeouts, and your score will be awesome!

Strap on your skates for some radical rollerskating on the boardwalk!  The
trick is to skate while avoiding sand, cracks, banana peels-even runaway beach

Object: Skate the length of the boardwalk while avoiding obstacles.  Score
extra points for jumping and spinning over obstacles.  The event ends after
your third fall.

To start the event, press BUTTON A.

To begin skating, repeatedly press BUTTON A in the rhythm to the skater's
legs.  Keep pressing BUTTON A to gain speed.

To squat, press and hold down BUTTON B.  Do this to begin a jump-or to avoid
bouncing beach balls in you path.

To jump, release BUTTON B.

To steer and to spin while jumping, press the control pad as shown below.


Scoring: Score points for each obstacle you avoid.  Earn double points for
jumping over them. Earn the most points for spinning while you jump!  Points
are awarded as follows:

Avoiding obstacles: 10-30 points
Jumping over obstacles: 20-60 points
Spinning jumps over obstacles: 40-120 points

Strategy: Speed is less important than staying on your feet.  Tackle the
course slowly at first.  Then build up speed and master stunts with plenty of

BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross.  It also stands for aggro action and
hair-raising stunts!  It takes guts, endurance and a super sense of timing to
complete this course.  Don't forget your crash helmet!

Object: Finish the course within the 2-minute time period, while avoiding
obstacles and performing stunts.  Three "easy"falls or 1 "serious" fall will
end the event.

To start the event, press BUTTON A.

To maneuver your bike on the ground, do the following:

Press the control pad UP to steer left.
Press the control pad DOWN to steer right.
Press BUTTON A repeatedly to increase your speed.
Press the control pad LEFT to perform a wheelie.

You won't earn any points by steering around obstacles.  You will earn points
by jumping over them-especially if you do a stunt while you're in the air!

To jump, press BUTTON B.

To perform a stunt while you're in the air, press the control pad as shown


Timing is critical to perform jumps and stunts!  If you're not back in a
"centered" position by the time you land or complete you stunt, you will

Ending the race: You're allowed three "easy" falls or one "serious" fall
before you're out of the race.  If you flip and fall on your head, it's a
serious fall!

At the end of the course, press BUTTON A to stop.  You'll earn bonus points
for stopping on the finishing pad.

Scoring: The faster you go, the higher your score will be.  If you finish the
course, you'll earn 60 bonus points for each second remaining on the clock.
You also earn points for each stunt, plus bonus points for holding each stunt
as long as possible.  Points are awarded as follows:

Wheelie: 100-200 points
Jump: 200-400 points
Table Top: 500-1000 points
360 Turn: 1000-2000 points
Backward Flip: 1500-3000 points
Forward Flip: 3000-6000 points

Strategy: Finish the course as fast as possible to score high.  The highest
scores will go to riders who perform the most daring stunts.  Complete a
6000-point forward flip, and you've probably got a lock on the first place

You can hardly visit a California park or beach without seeing dozens of
flying disks whirling through the air.  It's the perfect challenge to wind up
the California Games competition!

Object: You control both the thrower and the catcher.  The object is to throw
the disk accurately, then catch it!  You're allowed 3 throwing and catching

To start the event, press BUTTON A

Throwing the disk: First, try to throw the disk far enough to reach the
catcher at the other end of the field.  Use the colored Speed/Angle bar at the
bottom of the screen to execute your throw. The green sections will provide
the most powerful (but not necessarily the most accurate) throw. Here's how to
throw, using the green sections as an example:

-Press the control pad LEFT to start swinging your arm back.
-When the needle reaches the green section of the speed bar, press the control
 pad RIGHT to swing your arm forward.
-When the needle reaches the green section of the Angle bar, quickly press the
 control pad LEFT, to release the disk.

Catching the disk: The display at the top of the screen shows the disk flying
toward the catcher. Watch this display to guide your catch.  Here's how to

-As the disk flies across the field, press the control pad LEFT or RIGHT to
 run toward the place where you think the disk will land.
-As the catcher, you must touch the disk with you hand while running, diving,
 or raising your hand over your head.
-To dive after the disk, press BUTTON A.

To attempt an overhead catch, press and hold the control pad UP to raise your

Scoring: Points are awarded for both the throw and the catch.  Throwing points
are awarded for height and accuracy.  The fewer steps the catcher takes to catch
the disk, the higher your score.

Catching points are awarded as follows:

While running right - 150 points
While running left - 250 points
While diving right - 250 points
While diving left - 350 points
Overhead catch - 350 points

Strategy: To earn the most points, throw the disk close to where the catcher
is standing.  Then make a diving or overhead catch!

Awards and Records
After every event, trophies are awarded to the top finishers in the order that
they placed.  Each trophy is worth the following number of points toward the

Each 1st place trophy - 5 points
Each 2nd place trophy - 3 points
Each 3rd place trophy - 1 point

After competition is over, each player's trophy points are totaled.  The
player with the most trophy points is awarded a final championship trophy for
the best overall score.

Names and scores of record-breaking players are displayed on the High Scores
screen.  Whenever a new record is set, the new record replaces the old record.
High Scores are erased at the end of each play session.

AGGRO (a-gre) adj. if you're a dare-devilly dude you'll go "way aggro"
executing aggressive moves on the ramps and waves of California.

AWESOME (ah-sum) adj. Awe-inspiring, i.e. "That's some awesome dude!"

DUDE (dyud) noun. buddy. Can be used to express disbelief, as in "DUDE!", or
surprise, as in "DUDE!", or as a friendly greeting, as in "Hey DUDE!"  Say
while laughing for an attention getting effect, i.e. Duhuhuhuhude!

GNARLY (narly) adj. mind and body bendingly difficult.  Waves, ramps and
aggro moves can be gnarly.  So can tests, prom dates, curfews, etc.

LIKE (lik) prep. insert anywhere you like, like, in any sentence, in, like,
any context.  Used most effectively to use "like"is with "all" (for more
description).  "It's, like-I'm all - Duuude you've got sand in your jams."

RADICAL (raa-di-cul) adj. 1)outrageous: "Radical moves, dude!" 2)cool: "it's
be radical of you could cruise the ramp around 5 o'clock."

TOTALLY (toh-tulk-ly) adv. completely, entirely: something or someone is
totally awesome, radical, or aggro.  In California everything is totally
something. (Companion word: see Tubular)

TUULAR (tyu-byu-ler) adj. an adjective that came from the sea and has evolved
into an every-day term.  Parties, concerts, etc. can be totally tubular.  Its
use is endangered by the word "awesome." (Companion word: see Totally)


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Californiagames Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Californiagames in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Californiagames gameplay. Californiagames is a classic 1980s NES video game.