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Kid Icarus NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo PlayerÔÇÖs Guide from 1987 to help you out.

 page 1

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 page 2

 Thank you for selecting the Nintendo Entertainment System(r)

 Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new
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 Table of Contents
 The Tale of Kid Icarus ...............................................3
 How to Start Playing Kid Icarus ......................................9
 Basic Wisdom ........................................................11
 A Guide to Angel Land ...............................................16
 Items that Will Make Pit a Strong Angel .............................21
 Introducing the Inhabitants of Angel Land ...........................31
 Questions and Answers ...............................................43

 (c) 1987 Nintendo of America Inc.

 page 3

 The Tale of Kid Icarus

 Let us go back to the distant past to an age when the Gods and Man lived
 together in harmony. There was once a kingdom called "Angel Land."  This
 kingdom was ruled by two beautiful goddesses, Palutena who administered
 light and Medusa who ruled darkness.  Palutena lived in the Palace in the
 Sky and administered light so that man

 page 4

 could live in happiness.  And bathed in this light man grew food and lived
 in peace.  However, Medusa the goddess of darkness was different.  Medusa
 hated mankind.  She took great pleasure in drying up the crops that man took
 great pains to grow and in turning people into stone statues.  In her anger
 Palutena changed Medusa into an ugly monster and banished her to the deep,
 dark Underworld.  For being changed into this ugly monster and forced to
 live in the

 page 5

 Underworld, Medusa promised to take over the Palace in the Sky where
 Palutena lived.  So great was Medusa's anger that she joined forces with the
 monsters and evil spirits of the Underworld and Medusa's army soon began to
 surpass Palutena's amry in strength.  Soon a war between Palutena and Medusa
 began.  Medusa led a surprise attack on Palutena's army which could barely
 fend off the attack.  Palutena's army suffered major losses

 page 6

 and was heavily defeated in the final battle.  What's more, Medusa's army
 took the Three Sacred Treasures - the Mirror Shield, the Arrow of Light, and
 the Wings of Pegasus - away from them.  Almost all of the warriors in
 Palutena's army were turned into stone statues and Palutena herself was
 imprisoned deep in the Palace in the Sky.  The peaceful realm of Angel Land
 came to be inhabited by foul and terrible monsters and was turned into a
 land of darkness ruled by

 page 7

 the wicked Medusa.  Locked in the depths of the Palace in the Sky, Palutena's
 strength was drained to its last.  As a last resort, she sought the help of
 the angel youth Pit who was being held prisoner locked in a deep dungeon in
 the Underworld.  Pit was a valiant warrior who used to be in charge of
 Palutena's personal bodyguards.  Armed with a boy and arrow brought to him
 through Palutena's magical strength, Pit attempted an escape

 page 8

 from the Underworld.  The guard at this time was low in number as Medusa's
 army had advanced to the Palace in the Sky.  Pit succeeded in his escape and
 set out on his long adventure to rescue Palutena.  Yet to defeat Medusa he
 had to get the Three Sacred Treasures.  Will Pit be able to restore
 Palutena's light and return it to Angel Land?  Only you can answer that

 page 9

 How to Start Playing Kid Icarus

 1. Title
 2. Start or Continue
    ■ Use the Select button to choose either START or CONTINUE.  You can
      enter either mode with the START button.
    ■ If you choose START, the game begins.
    ■ If you choose CONTINUE, the Password screen appears.
 3. Password Screen
    ■ Use the control pad to move the cursor and select letters and numbers.
    ■ Press button A to register the letters or numbers.

 page 10

    ■ You can move the register position back by pressing button B.
    ■ When you finish the password, push the START button and the game will
    ■ If you make a mistake in selecting the password, when you press the
      START button, the warning "ERROR! TRY AGAIN" will appear below the
 4. When the Game is Over
    ■ "GAME OVER" will appear.
    ■ The password will appear.  At this point, if you press the START
      button, you can continue your last game.
    ■ If you use the password when you start a new game, you can continue
      your old game using the password.

 The game pak saves these items from the last checkpoint you passed:
   ■ strength (number of meter sections)
   ■ possessions  ■number of hearts  ■points

 page 11

 Basic Wisdom

 Get the Three Sacred Treasures to defeat Medusa!

 "My mission is to find the Three Sacred Treasures and to defeat Medusa.
  Now let's find the items, and set out for the Palace in the Sky."

 page 12

 ■ Skillfully control Pit!

 Take a carefull look at the chart below.  In stage 4, you can make Pit fly
 upwards by press the top of the control pad.  He flies down again when you
 press the bottom of the control pad.  Pit can attack when you press the B
 button and he raises his shield to defend himself when you release the
 button.                           [1] Aims arrows upwards. (climbs ladders)
 ┌───────────────────────────────┐ [2] Moves Pit left and right.
 │   ┌1─┐                        │ [3] Makes Pit squat and jump down from
 │┌──┘  └──┐ Slct Strt ┌──┐ ┌──┐ │     ladders.
 │2──┐  ┌──┘ **** **** │B │ │A │ │ [4] Select weapons.
 │   └3─┘    4    5    └──┘ └──┘ │ [5] Switches to menu display (pause).
 │                      6    7   │ [6] Attacks the enemy.
 └───────────────────────────────┘ [7] Makes Pit Jump.

 page 13

 ■ How to read the display

 Keep an eye on the display during the game!  Pit needs hearts to buy items.
 The maximum number of hearts is 999.  Strength is shown in meter sections
 which are divided into 7 steps.  The number of meter sections increases up
 to 5.

 ■ Fully understand what Pit's personal data means!

 If you press the START button during the game, the menu display appears.
 This display contains all of Pit's personal data and possessions.  Get
 familiar with it.  This may help Pit get out of a tight spot.

 page 14

 Total Score
   Your score for the stage is added up each time Pit passes a checkpoint or
   fortress.  If you get a high score, your name might get registered in the
   best 5 in the select display.

   Displays the score you get between checkpoints and becomes 0 when the game
   is over.

 Stage Display
   Displays the number of the stage.  Each stage is divided into 4 areas.

 Fighting Power
   The level of damage Pit can inflict on the enemy with each hit is
   displayed by a number of arrows.  The maximum fighting power is 5 arrows.

 Check sheet display
   This is displayed if Pit picks up the check sheet.  Each grid shows a
   chamber.  Pit's present position is displayed if he has the flaming torch,
   and the chambers that he's passed through are diplayed if he has the

 page 15

   Displayed when Pit gets his hands on Fire (Flaming Arrows), Sacred Bow and
   Protective Crystals.  Remember this!  Items displayed in gray cannot be

 The Three Sacred Treasures
   You will find a sealed casket each time you defeat the Gatekeepers in
   stages 1 to 3.  When you have all three caskets, the seal is broken and
   the Arrow of Light, the Mirror Shield and the Wings of Pegasus are

 Water of life (bottle)  ─┐ These items are displayed when Pit gets his
 Mallet                   │ hands on each of them, and the number in
 Angel's wings           ─┘ the stock is also displayed.

 Credit card
   This is displayed when Pit gets his hand on the credit card.

 Flaming torch
   This is displayed when Pit buys a flaming torch.  However, this flaming
   torch loses its magical powers once Pit leaves the fortress.

   This is displayed when Pit buys a pencil.  However, this pencil loses
   its magical powers once Pit leaves the fortress.

 page 16

 A Guide to Angel Land

 Angel Land is divided into four challenging stages.

 "I've got to defeat the Gatekeepers (ENEMY) of the Underworld, Overworld
  and Skyworld fortresses and then fight Medusa in the Palace in the Sky."

 page 17

 Map of Angel Land

 Angel Land is divided into four worlds.  Worlds 1, 2 and 3 each contrain
 three areas and a fortrerss.  Each world is cleared when Pit defeats the
 Gatekeeper (ENEMY) of the fortress.  Pit's strength increases with the
 score at each area.

            Fortress    Overworld
              │   │  >   │  >   │  >   │   {this map spans across two pages,}
              ├───┼──────┴──────┴──────┴   {this section of course is on the}
              │ ^ │ Checkpoint Checkpoint  {left page                       }
    Underworld│ ^ │
              │ ^ │

 page 18
                  The Palace in        Stage 1 Underworld
    Skyworld         the Sky
    Fortress        ┌──────┐           Pit's adventure begins with Pit
     ┌───┬────┬─────┤      │           slipping past the Underworld watchmen.
     │   │    │     │      │
     ├───┼────┴─────┴──────┘           Stage 2 Overworld
     │   │    Medusa's  Palutena's
     ├───┤Check- Palace Chamber        Pit pushes forward through the
     │   │point                        mountains, seas and various regions in
     ├───┤Check-                       search of the Overworld fortress.
     │   │point
     ┼───┤                             Stage 3 Skyworld
     │   │
     ┴───┘                             Flying through the cloudy skies Pit
   Overworld                           fight terrible monsters.
                                       Stage 4 Palace in the Sky

                                       If Pit has possession of the Three
                                       Sacred Treasures, he is ready to fight
                                       Medusa who awaits him in the Palace in
                                       the Sky.

 page 19

 Stage 1 Underworld
 Fortress Gatekeeper - Twinbellows

 This is the underground world where Pit was held prisoner.  It's a natural
 maze.  Go forward carefully!  It's full of lava pools and underground

 Stage 2 Overworld
 Fortress Gatekeeper - Hewdraw

 Long, long ago this world was inhabited by the people of Angel Land.  Now
 it's a den of creatures.  The wide seas, glacier regions and high mountain
 peaks lead to the fortress that stretches up to the Heavens.

 page 20

 Stage 3 Skyworld
 Fortress Gatekeeper - Pandora

 The skies are full of monsters.  Flying through the air, Pit heads for the
 Palace in the Sky where Medusa awaits him.  Take care not to fall from the

 Defeat the three Fortress Gatekeepers (ENEMY) and get the Three Sacred

 Pit will find all Three Sacred Treasures if he defeats the Gatekeepers
 (ENEMY) to the Fortresses in stage 1 to 3.  Save Pit's friend with the
 mallet and join forces to fight each of the Fortress Gatekeepers (ENEMY).

 page 21

 Items That Will Make Pit a More Powerful Angel

 Building up Pit's strength is the key to advancement.

 "There are 6 types of items (20 of each).  They will make me big and strong.
  You can find them in the seven chambers."

 page 22

 Enter the chambers and collect items!

 ■ Treasure Chambers
 These chambers contain 8 pitchers filled with a treasure.  Shoot the
 pitchers with the arrow and the treasure appears.  Remember you need
 5 hearts to break a pitcher.
   ■ Big hearts  ■ Mallet  ■ God of Poverty
   ■ Water of Life  ■ Angel's wings
   ■ Watter barrels  ■ Credit cards and more

 ■ Enemy's Lair
 In some places, you won't be able to escape unless you completely destroy
 the enemy.  Get as many hearts as possible in this chamber.

 ■ Store
 This shopkeeper will exchange goods for hearts.
   ■ Water of life  ■ Mallet  ■ Pencil
   ■ Flaming torch  ■ Angel's feathers and more

 page 23

 ■ Black Marketeer
 They may be expensive, but you can get your hands on some valuable goods.
 You can also use the credit card.
   ■ Fire (flaming arrows)  ■ Protective crystals
   ■ Sacred bow  ■ Water barrel  ■ Water of life
   ■ Angel's feathers, and many more

 ■ Sacred Chamber
 A friendly god will give Pit arrows to increase his fighting power depending
 on how well Pit has been fighting.

 ■ Sacred Training Chamber
 In this room, a god will make Pit go through training.  When he has
 completed this training, Pit will receive a weapon.  Grin and bear this
 training.  Good luck!

 ■ Hot Spring Chamber
 A dip in the hot spring will revive Pit's strength.

 Use the hospital!  Watch out for the Eggplant Wizards' spells.  They'll turn
 you into an eggplant (a fate worse than death).  Go to a hospital to find a

 page 24

 Type of Items that will make Pit big and strong

 ■ Weapons

   Weapons will give Pit great fighting and defensive power.  But, if Pit has
   not got much strength, he cannot use the weapons.

   ■ Fire (flaming arrows)
   Pits arrows will be set aflame and will hit the enemy on target more

   ■ Sacred Bow
   Pit's arrows will travel further and faster.

   ■ Protective Crystal
   Two crystals will revolve around Pit's body and protect him from the
   enemy's attacks.

 page 25

 ■ Three Sacred Treasures

   The Gatekeepers (ENEMY) at stages 1 to 3 have these.  The seal is broken
   when Pit has all three caskets.

   ■ Sealed casket
   Caskets containing the Three Sacred Treasures.

   ■ Mirror Shield
   Repels the enemy's bullets.  But not effective against body charges.

   ■ Light Arrows
   Arrows blast through the enemy like laser beams.

 page 26

   ■ Wings of Pegasus
   Allow Pit to fly at stage 4.

 ■ Special Items

   These have nothing to do with Pit's power.  They can be exchanged for
   other items or can turn the enemy into mallets.

   ■ Hearts
   These appear when the enemy is defeated and can be used in exchanging for
   other items.

   ■ Half Hearts
   Big hearts broken in half.

   ■ Big Hearts
   Hearts worth 10 small hearts.

 page 27

   ■ Harp
   This turns the enemies displayed on the screen into mallets for a short

 ■ Regular Items

   These have nothing to do with Pit's power.  They can be exchanged for
   hearts at the store and allow Pit to get his hands on treasure at the
   treasure chamber.

   ■ Mallet
   Pit needs a mallet to rescue his friend Centurian at the fortress.  Each
   mallet has the power of five arrows.  One swing of the mallet and the
   number of mallets in stock decreases by one.

   ■ Credit Card
   This allows Pit to buy on credit when dealing with the black marketeer.
   Remember that once Pit buys on credit, he cannot buy on credit again until
   he has paid back what he owes.

 page 28

   ■ Angel's Feathers
   Pit will bounce back up into the screen automatically after he falls off
   a cloud.

   ■ Flaming Torch
   Pit's present position in the fortress will be displayed on the check

   ■ Pencil
   Pit can find this in the store in the fortress.  It marks the chambers Pit
   has passed through on the check sheet.

   ■ Check Sheet
   Pit can find this in the fortress.  The flaming torch and pencil are of no
   use without this.

 page 29

 ■ Items that will help Pit get his strength back

   Returns Pit's strength lost in battle with the enemy.  He can find it in
   the stores or the treasure chambers.

   ■ Water of Life (Chalice)
   When he has got it, Pit gets one measure of strength back.

   ■ Water of Life (Bottle)
   When Pit has this, his strength recovers by one meter section when his
   strength has gone down to 0.  He can only carry one bottle unless he has a
   water barrel.

   ■ Water Barrel
   Pit can carry up to 8 water of life bottles if he has this barrel.

 page 30

 ■ Items that give Pit extra fighting power

   Arrows given to Pit from a friendly god in the sacred chambers.  Pit's
   fighting power increases by the number of arrows he has been given.

   ■ Arrow
        Bronze arrow -> Silver arrow -> Gold arrow -> Sacred arrow
     Angel's arrows are given to Pit by the friendly god depending on his
     strength.  With these arrows Pit's color will change and his fighting
     power increases.  The damage Pit can inflict on the enemy in a single
     attack increases.  His power increases a maximum of 4 levels.

 Oh, no!  Its the God of Poverty

 Watch out!  This god has a grudge.  All the items Pit has uncovered in the
 treasure chambers disappear when Pit comes across the God of Poverty.  Which
 pitcher is it in?

 page 31

 Introducing the Inhabitants in Angel Land

 As Pit proceeds through Angel Land, he'll come up against lots of monsters.

 Stage 1

   The little devils of Angel Land that are hostile towards angels.  They
   cannot fly even though they have wings.

 page 32

   A monster that lives deep in the earth.  It has strong jumping power.  It
   has eyes that can see in the dark and does not let those who enter its
   territory get away.

   A blob of magma that lives in the ground.  It's been given the soul of
   Medusa.  It seeps out of the ground at Pit's feet.
   {These guys are GREAT for getting hearts/points.  Just stick around in}
   {the same area for a while and they keep coming back.                 }

   Evolved from a monoeye.  It's a floating form that builds its nest in
   fortresses.  It stands guard over the fortress with its enormous eye.
   Watch out for its feelers.  They are its weapons.

   A one-eyed ghostly plasma.  It flies through the air past Pit in groups.
   If one of them touches Pit, then Pit becomes paralyzed and some of his
   strength is absorbed.

 page 33

   A one-eyed slug.  It looks stupid, but watch out!  It's got sharp reflexes
   and returns Pit's arrows.

   The Gatekeeper of the Underworld fortress.  A devil dog with two heads.
   Its body is wrapped in fire, and spits out bullets of magma energy.

 Stage 2

   A frog that was given wings by Medusa.  It's a strong jumper and quickly
   flies at its enemies.

   A really gloomy creature that lives in dark, wet places in fortresses.  It
   gives out really poisonous spores from its body and robs its enemies of

 page 34

   A robbing ogre.  Watch him!  He's crafty.  Touch him and he steals one of
   your possessions.  Pit's arrows don't work against him.  He's so stringy.
   He sells what he's stolen to the black marketeer.

   A procupine monster.  It fills its body up with air like a balloon and
   flies around.  Its big eyes can see invaders far off.

   Big brother to monoeye.  It flies around and gobbles up evey kind of
   living creature in its enormous mouth.  A real pig.

   A brass ball.  It's been given the soul of Medusa.  It flies and gets in
   Pit's way.  It also gets a hold of things and cuts through them with its
   razor sharp teeth.

 page 35

   A rock life form.  It falls suddenly out of the blue onto Pit's head.  Its
   body is very hard so Pit will receive a lot of damage if it drops on him.

   A giant ant that lives deep in the ground and lies in wait for Pit.  Once
   it catches things in its big jaws, it never lets them get away.

   The Abominable Snowman of Angel Land.  Its body is made of ice and likes
   cold places.  A proud creature, it hurls ice to protect its territory.

   The Gatekeeper of the Overworld fortress.  It suddenly lurches out of the
   water to attack Pit.  Its body is like a smooth snake.  It's a powerful
   enemy and difficult to defeat.

 page 36

 Stage 3

   Holer is the God of Plants, a cactus creature that grows in the cloud
   garden in the sky.  It does not forgive those who enter the garden.

   The fortress guard creature.  It attacks with thorns that get shorter and
   longer.  Its metallic body is extremely durable and it is a difficult
   creature to defeat.

   The warrior who used to fight in Palutena's army.  Its spirit was taken
   away by Medusa.  It has no fighting power of its own though EelEyes leaps
   out of its body.

   An octopus creature that eats on the clouds in the sky to keep alive.
   Violent and very irritable, it appears suddenly beneath Pit.

 page 37

   A mysterious floating creature.  Nobody knows where it came from.  One
   theory has it that it came from a planet other than the Earth.  It's a
   nasty jellyfish monster.
   {This creature looks EXACTLY like a Metroid.  It's no coincidence though}
   {because Kid Icarus and Metroid were released on the same date and were }
   {both developed at the same time using the "new" password system.       }

 Pluton Fly
   A flying robber.  A real baddy who goes around trying to steal Pit's
   weapons.  Pit's arrows are useless against it.

   The poisonous worm that lives in Collin's body.  In spite of its puny body
   it has a huge eye and two feathers.  Body checks are its special way of

   The God of the Sky who betrayed Palutuna and went over to Medusa's side.
   Watch out!  He has terrible fighting power and a habit of lurking around
   inside the fortress.

 page 38

   A creature evolved from the Kobil.  Only one of its type flies around and
   attacks Pit.  It hasn't got that much fighting power.
   {This is a neat looking creature, but it only appears ONE time during the}
   {entire game.  Strange.}

   The Gatekeeper of the Skyworld fortress.  A demon god who administers all
   disasters.  Blowing bubbles it has the power to warp when you least expect

 Stage 4
 Palace in the Sky

   A snake that lives in Medusa's hair.  Tanatos means "death" in Greek.
   It's really strong and powerful.

   The wicked creature of legend.  If Pit is caught unaware by her beautiful
   female form she'll attack Pit with the steely claws on her feet.

 page 39

   A flying starfish.  It catches its enemies using its four legs and starts
   eating them.  Moilas usually go around in groups.

   A pillar in the Palace in the Sky turned into a monster by Medusa.  They
   fall down from the ceiling and pile up on each other.

   A flower that blooms in the Palace in the Sky.  It has been taken over by
   an evil spirit.  It flaps its leaves to fly and its four petals are tipped
   with poisonous thorns.

   The God of Revenge in Greek legend.  It will not forgive those who have
   entered the Palace in the Sky.  It is said that no one has seen it and
   lived to tell the tale.

 page 40

   An evil ghost brought in by Medusa to guard the Palace in the Sky.  They
   roam around in groups yet they have little fighting power.  Nevertheless,
   don't let them catch Pit unaware.  Make sure that Pit finishes them all

 All Stages

   This is Pit's opponent in the Sacred Training Chamber.  This is an iron
   plate that used to be used for training Palutena's warriors.  Watch out!
   It falls down towards Pit.

 Eggplant Wizard
   An inhabitant of the fortresses.  It places a spell on Pit to turn him
   into an eggplant.  In order to break the spell, Pit must go to the
   fortress hospital.

 page 41

   Lives in the snake pit.  An evolved snake monster with wings.  Watch out!
   It's extremely dangerous.  In spite of looking small, its fangs are filled
   with a powerful, nasty poison.  It often roams around in groups.

   An inhabitant of the enemy's nest.  A real coward, it hates brightly lit
   places.  However, it'll jump out real fast once it's spotted Pit.

 Reaper & Reapette
   Entrusted by Medusa as a lookout.  It waves its sickle around when it's
   spotted Pit and starts chasing him.  It calls Reapette by telepathy.

 page 42

   A warrior in Palutena's army who was turned into a stone statue by
   Medusa's spell.  The spell can be broken by tapping the statue with a
   mallet.  He's a friend who'll help Pit defeat the fortress Gatekeepers.

   The big, evil gatekeeper who has occupied the Palace in the Sky.  The
   goddess who was turned into an ugly monster by Palutena, she does all she
   can to be evil and nasty.

   The Goddess of Light.  She used to be the highest of gods in Angel Land,
   but is now help prisoner by Medusa.  The source of her power, the Three
   Sacred Treasures, were stolen away from her by Medusa.

 page 43

 "Questions and Answers"

 Q. What should I do to get extra strength (to increase my maximum
 A. You get stronget at each checkpoint you pass through if your score
    exceeds a certain level.  In other words, you must get a high score.

 Q. Oh, heavenly one!  When will you give me the arrows for extra fighting
 A. Let me tell you.  How many of the enemy have you killed?  How many
    chambers have you entered?  Have you got a lot of items?  And how little
    damage has the enemy inflicted on you?  These all decide the answer to
    your question.

 Q. Why can't I use my weapons?
 A. Sometimes you can't use them because you havn't got enough strength.

 Q. How can I get to Medusa's chamber?
 A. Well, Pit, you must fight fiercely and win many battles.

 Q. My weapons were stolen by Pluton and Pluton fly.  What can I do to get
    them back?
 A. Hmmm.  You might try bargaining with the black marketeers.

 Q. Can I look forward to anything special once I've rescued Palutena?
 A. First you have to rescue her, but once you have, many different endings
    await you depending on how skillful you have been.

 page 45


 {No, I'm not going to type all of this.}

 page 46


 {No, I'm not going to type this either.}


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image 3
Kidicarus Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Kidicarus in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Kidicarus gameplay. Kidicarus is a classic 1980s NES video game.