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Ultima Exodus NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.

Ultima Exodus                                            [NES-UL-USA*]

FCI (Fujisankei Communications International)


Eons ago Lord British came unto the lands of Sosaria.  Since that time
it has been united under his rule as the Kingdom of Britannia and has
gone through two major crises.  A few years ago there were political
upheavals among the city states of the kingdom.  The ringleader of this
political instability was Mondain, the Magician.  Under his horrible
rule, the people's lives were devastated.  A valiant warrior was called
forth from another world by Lord British.  This warrior finally over-
threw Mondain.

Britannia survived the first crisis.  But peace in the Kingdom of
Britannia did not last long.  Minax, the Witch, a disciple of Mondain,
became very powerful and ruled the world of darkness.  Minax had power
to sway the time axis of the universe.  However, a legendary hero again
came to the rescue, overthrew Minax, and brought peace back to the king-

The Kingdom of Britannia entered into a peaceful state for another
twenty years.  Now, the Kingdom is about to face its third crisis.
Rumours abound about a fiery island which has emerged in the south-
western seas.  Little is know of the evil that dwells there.  It is
known only as EXODUS.  Mondain and Minax have cast a spell on Exodus,
this island of fire, and the little-known island has started volcanic

Lord British has sent out a call across time and space in search of four
valiant warriors.  Their quest: to return peace to the kingdom.  They
must solve the riddle of Exodus.  You are the leader of this quest.

Insert the cassette into the Nintendo control deck.  The Title Screen
will appear.

Push the Start Button, the Name Selection Screen will appear.  When you
play the game for the first time, set the cursor to "Register" by
pushing button +.  Then push Button A.  The Name Registration Screen

Choose letters using Button +.  Then push Button A to input letters.
When you want to correct letters, set the cursor to "Back Space" (BS)
and push Button A.  This will allow you to erase the letters one by one.
The name you input should consist of up to five letters.  When you
finish inputting your name set the cursor at "End" and push Button A.
The Name Selection Screen appears again.

If you want to erase the name you registered, push Button + on the Name
Selection Screen, and choose "Erase".  Then push Button A.  When you set
the cursor at the name you want to erase and push Button A, the computer
asks if you are sure of this action.  Set the cursor at "Yes" by using
Button + and push Button A.  Now the name is erased and all the data on
that characters is deleted.  When you have finished registering names,
set the cursor at the name you registered, and push Button A.  The
screen changes to the Create/Continue Screen.

Ultima is a Role Playing Game.  Four characters form a party and start
the adventure.  If you are playing the game for the first time, you have
to create characters of your own.

When you create characters, set the cursor at "Create" on the Main Menu
Screen, and push Button A.  The Screen will move forward.  Choose
"Create" again.  The screen changes again.  There are two ways of
creating characters.  You can either choose to create your own (1. Hand-
Made) or use characters already created by the computer (2. Ready-Made).
Below are more details about each mode.

<1. Hand-Made Mode (Create your own characters)>

Choose "Hand-Made" on the screen.  The Character Creation Screen will

-Choose Among the Races-

You have five race groups to choose characters from: Human, Elf, Dwarf,
Bobit, and Fuzzy.  They differ in Strength (attacking power), Dexterity
(ability to escape from a trap, and steal), Intelligence (magic power)
and Wisdom (will power). [see the table below].  Move the cursor with
Button + and use Button A to select.

-Race Groups and Maximum Amount of Each Ability-

| Race Groups  |                   Ability                    |
|              | Strength | Dexterity | Intelligence | Wisdom |
| Human        | 75       | 75        | 75           | 75     |
| Elf          | 75       | 99        | 75           | 50     |
| Dwarf        | 99       | 75        | 50           | 75     |
| Bobit        | 75       | 50        | 75           | 99     |
| Fuzzy        | 25       | 99        | 99           | 75     |

-Characters Differ Depending on Their Profession-

When you decide on a race group, the Profession Selection window opens.
Then choose the profession of each character using Button + and execute
with Button A.

You have eleven different kinds of professions to choose from for your
characters: Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Thief, Paladin, Barbarian, Lark,
Illusionist, Druid, Alchemist, and Ranger.  Each profession differs in
the capacities of weapon and armor allowed.  The range of a spell, the
maximum level of Magic Points (MP), and the range of dexterity also
differs according to the characters' professions.  Choose the char-
acters' professions in relation to their race group.  For example, if
you choose an Elf as a race group, and a Fighter as it profession, your
character is not only unable to cast a spell, but also has no dexterity.
You have to be very careful in choosing a profession that maximizes the
ability of the race.

-Professions and Their Characteristics-

|Profession ||Weapon |Armor  |Spell      |MP      |Dexterity|
|Fighter    ||all    |all    |none       |        |none     |
|Cleric     ||mace   |bronze |will power |all     |none     |
|Wizard     ||dagger |cloth  |magic power|all     |none     |
|Thief      ||sword  |leather|none       |        |superior |
|Paladin    ||all    |iron   |will power |half    |ordinary |
|Barbarian  ||all    |leather|none       |        |none     |
|Lark       ||all    |cloth  |magic power|half    |ordinary |
|Illusionist||mace   |leather|will power |half    |none     |
|Druid      ||mace   |cloth  |both       |half the|ordinary |
|           ||       |       |           |stronger|         |
|           ||       |       |           |power   |         |
|Alchemist  ||dagger |cloth  |magic power|half    |ordinary |
|Ranger     ||iron   |dragon |both       |half the|ordinary |
|           ||sword  |       |           |weaker  |         |
|           ||       |       |           |power   |         |

-Distribute Ability Points-

Once you decide on the profession, a window appears on the bottom of the
screen.  This window is for selecting the starting ability.  You have to
allocate a total of 50 points to each ability of STR (strength), DEX
(dexterity), INT (intelligence) and WIS (wisdom).  Move Button + up and
down and allocate a maximum of 25 points to each ability.  If the total
amount of points of the four abilities is below or above 50 points, you
have to start from the beginning again.

After you finish allocating the points, push Button A and O.K. or cancel
will appear on the screen.  Choose O.K. and push Button A.  A new screen
will appear.  Name the character the same way you registered names.

-Now Form the Party and Start the Game-

You can create up to 20 characters per players.  You have to create at
least four characters to form a party.  A new screen will appear.
Choose "Examine" and a list of characters you've created appears.  If a
character is unable to perform properly, you can delete the characters
using "Discard".  This will make room for another character.  In order
to start the game, choose "Form Party".  A new screen will appear.  Now
choose each characters by using Button + and Button A.  Then set the
cursor at "End" using the Select button and push Button A.  The game is
about to start!

When the party is formed, the program is automatically saved.

<2. Ready-Made Mode>
(For players who prefer to choose characters only)

If you don't want to go through a process of creating characters, choose
"Ready-Made".  The Ready-Made Mode Screen will appear.  Choose four of
the eleven different characters that the computer has already created.

On the Ready-Made Screen, two rows of characters will appear for you to
choose from.  Move Button + horizontally and set Button + at your
favorite character.  Then push Button A.  After you choose the first
character, the next screen appears with two different characters.
Choose the second character the same way.  If you don't want to choose
either of the two, push Button B.  The next screen will appear.  After
selecting four characters, name each character.  Now you are ready to
start the game!

-If You Want to Stop the Game Temporarily, Go to an "INN"-

SAVE FEATURE...If you want to stop playing, but continue the game later,
go to an "INN" and save the entire record of the adventure in Memory
Backup.  Turn off the power while pushing the Reset Button.

CONTINUE...If you want to continue the game you saved before, set the
cursor at the names of your characters on the Name Selection Screen and
push Button A.  The Main Menu Screen will appear.  Choose "Continue".
You can continue to play the game you saved before.

CONTROL Button +
  This button moves the members of the party up, down, right and left on
  the ground, in castles, and in town.  It also moves ships with the
  members on board.  In the Battle Mode, you can move the attacking
  character (the one with the light blinking) up, down, right and left.
  You can also choose the direction of attack with this button.  When
  the window (indicating window) is open, move the cursor up, down,
  right and left.  In a dungeon you can move the character one step
  forward with the upper button, left with the left button, right with
  the right button, and backward with the lower button.

  Use the Select Button when the command window is open to scroll to
  another screen of commands.

  This button starts the game.

Button A
  If you push Button A during the game, the Command Window (indicating
  window) opens.  Move the cursor with Button + and select command with
  Button A.  If the cursor appears in the sentence window (e.g. conver-
  sation), push Button A and a phrase will appear.

Button B
  While the window is open, push Button B.  The window closes and the
  Command is cancelled.  Also push Button B if a character chooses to
  pass his turn to the next character without moving.

If the characters stand still on the ground, the data for each member
appears on the right side of the screen.  The status will appear as

1. Character's Name

2. Condition of Health
   G: Good
   P: Poisoned
   C: Cold
   D: Dead
   A: Ash

If the character's condition is not good, you have to make him/her
recover by going to the hospital, drinking pure water from a spring, or
getting help from a magic spell.  The Cold condition is contagious to
other characters.  So watch out!

3. Sex
   M: Male
   F: Female
   (profession determines sex)

4. Race Groups
   H: Human            B: Bobit
   E: Elf              F: Fuzzy
   D: Dwarf

5. Professions
   Male                Female
   B: Barbarian        L: Lark
   D: Druid            I: Illusionist
   A: Alchemist        C: Cleric
   R: Ranger           P: Paladin
   F: Fighter
   W: Wizard
   T: Thief

6. Hit Point (HP)

If the index reaches 0000, the character dies.

7. Magic Point (MP)

This index determines the kind of a spell the character can use.

8. Food (F)

If the index reaches 0000, HP of the character gradually diminishes.

9. Level (L)

You can increase the level of the character by increasing his/her
experience points.


Indicated on the upper left side of the screen are the waxing and waning
of the two moons, and the wind direction in the Sosaria World.  You have
to figure out what the waxing and waning of the two moons means by

You can check the ability points of Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence,
Wisdom, and MMP (Maximum Magic Points), MHP (Maximum Hit Points), EXP
(Experience Points), and Gold (Gold) using Status Command.  Also, you
can check tools with the "Tool" Command.  See the Instructions on
Commands for further details.



During the game, push Button A and the Command Window (exhibition
window) appears.  By using Button +, move the cursor to the command you
want to use.  Then push Button A, and execute.  If you want to cancel
it, push Button B.  If you push the Select Button, the command screen
will scroll to show other commands.  Listen to the people in town for
more information about additional commands.

Use TALK when you want to speak with the people in the castle, and in
town.  You can practice this command by putting the character first in
line next to the person you want to speak to.  You can also let the
character speak to the person over the counter in a shop.

Use this command when you want to use magic.  When "Who?" appears on the
screen, choose the character you want to cast the spell with Button +
and execute with Button A.  You have two different kinds of spells--the
"magic power Intelligence system" and the "Will Power (by Wisdom)
system".  If the character you choose can use both systems, select
either one of the power systems.  When the power system of your choice
appears on the screen, choose it with Button +, and select with Button
A.  (See below for more details.)

This command is for fighting your enemies.  When the enemy appears on
the ground, you have to approach it, face it, and execute the command.
This will activate the Fight Command (see below for details on the Fight
Command).  Be careful because several enemies may appear as a single
figure on the map.  When one of your party members encounters an enemy,
the Fight Command is activated automatically.  The Fight Command is also
activated against the people in the town and castle as well.  Keep in
mind that unnecessary fights should be avoided.  Remember that you must
push the Status Command if you want to choose new weapons and armor
before each fight.

This command is to check the status data of all four members of the
party, and change their weapons and armor.  If you want more detailed
information on a specific character, move the cursor to that character
with Button + and push Button A.  You can also change the weapons and
armor appearing on the screen.  Choose the weapon you want to arm each
character with by Button + and execute with Button A.  Do the same with
the armour.

This command is for using the tools.  After you execute the command,
"Who" appears on the screen.  Choose which character will use the tools
with Button + and Button A.  When that tool appears on the screen,
select it by using Button + and Button A.

This command is for the exchange of weapons, armour, and tools among the
members of the party.  Choose the character who has the weapon/armor/
tool to exchange.  Then a list of the tools appears on the screen.
Select what to exchange with Button + and Button A.  When another window
appears choose which character will receive that tool.  In case a
character is burnt to ashes, his/her tools are also burnt to ashes and
unable to be exchanged.  When you receive each new weapon or armor, it
must be entered into the status command and selected before you can
access the weapon or armor.

This command is for taking a treasure chest.  Put the character who is
first in line of the party on the treasure chest.  Then choose who takes
the chest using Button + and Button A.  You can steal treasure chests
from behind the shop counter but if you are caught by a guard, he will
attack you, so be careful.

This command is for moving up and down inside the dungeon.  If the
ladder is available either upward or downward, choose which direction to
take using Button + and Button A.  Push the Select Button and another
screen of Commands is displayed.

This command is to allocate the total amount of food equally to each
member of the party.  (The allocation excludes dead members.)

This command is to exchange gold among the members of the party.  Choose
the characters who are exchanging gold, and the amount of gold to be
exchanged with Button + and Button A.  (This allocation excludes dead

If you execute this command after acquiring a horse, all members of the
party can ride horseback and move faster.  If you execute this command
when the members are already on horseback, they will dismount.  If you
want the members to remount put the first character in line over the
horse and select Horse Command.

This command is for rearranging the line of the party.  Choose the
members whose positions you want to change with Button + and Button A.
If you successfully rearrange the line, you can fight more efficiently
and it will be easier to undo the trap hidden in the dungeon.


-The Combat Mode!!-

This is the Combat Mode.  You don't know how many enemies you have to
confront until you actually get into this mode.

Whenever the characters walk aboveground or in the dungeon and confront
the enemy, they move to the Combat Mode Screen either automatically or
using the Fight Command.

Once in the Combat Mode, characters can move around, take aim, and
attack.  The first character in line begins followed by the other
characters in order.  The character with the light flickering has the
power to move around the screen using Button +.  Each character can move
only once before attacking.  When you use the command, push Button A and
open the command window.  You have three different kinds of command--
Fight, Magic and Tool.  Choose using Button +.  Select with Button A.
Abort by using Button B.  Select direction with Button +.

Approach the enemy and choose the Fight Command.  Then input the
direction of the attack with Button +.  If you are equipped with
firearms, you can attack the enemy from a distance.  The successful
outcome of each fight is dependent on the dexterity of each character.

Choose which kind of magic using Button + and execute with Button A.
Input the direction with Button +.  (See below for more details.)

Use this command the same way as you use the Tool Command in a non-
warfare situation.

Leave the command window open and push Button B.  Then that character
passes both command and shift.  The next character takes a turn.

When all the members of the party finish attacking, it is the enemy's
turn to attack the party.  The fight continues until either side is
annihilated.  You can't escape from the fight once you begin.  When the
character successfully kills the enemy, his/her experience points

When the party wins the fight, the screen goes back to the original one
and you can get the treasure box.  If the party loses the fight, only
the first member in line is allowed to revive himself before Lord


-Geography of Sosaria-

Sosaria, where the adventure takes place, has a variety of natural
features such as mountains, grassland, woods, along with castles, towns,
and dungeons.  You have to be familiar with these features since some
places are inaccessible.  In some locations your view is blocked.  Be

There are two castles.  Characters can enter the castle by moving on top
of it.

There are various towns full of people.  When the character moves on top
of it, he/she can get in.

Characters can get a wide view from here.  They can also walk quickly.

[Floor and Street]
Characters can walk easily here.

Characters have some difficulty walking here.

If the characters are in a ship, they can move around freely.

[Mountains and Wall]
Characters can't walk or climb here.

Characters can walk here, but they get exhausted easily.

This moves on the surface of the ocean and can swallow your ship.

See for yourself what's inside.  Move the first character in line on it
and enter.

This is an entrance to an underground maze.  When the first character
in line moves on top of it, he/she can get in.

If you have the key, you can open it and enter.

Characters have a lot of difficulty here because their views are blocked
by the trees.

Practice the Ladder Command in front of the ladder.  The command allows
you to climb up and down the ladder.

You can save previous actions here.  There are several Inns.

You can talk with the salesclerk over the counter.

[Moon Gate]
When you get the first character in line on it, the whole group can warp
to another place.

[Treasure Chest]
Put the first character in line on it, and select the Get Command.  This
will allow you to collect your treasure.



In towns and castles, you can purchase necessary goods for the
adventure.  You can also sell unnecessary things, get information from
the salesclerks, etc.

When you go to a shop, talk to them over the counter.  You can tell the
type of shop by the appearance of the salesclerk.

[Fortune Teller's Shop] (Fortune Teller)
When you visit here in time of need, you'll get good advice from the
fortune teller.

[Pub] (Bartender)
You can have drinks here.  If you tip the bartender generously, he might
tell you an interesting story.

[Inn] (Salesclerk)
If you save your previous activities here, you can start the game from
that point even after you reset the game.

[Weapon Shop] (Merchant)
You find a variety of weapons sold here.  You can also sell used weapons
to the merchant.  The merchant will only buy the kind of weapons he

[Armory] (Merchant)
You will find a variety of armor sold here too.  You can also sell the
used armor to the merchant, but he will only buy the kind of armour he

[Casino] (Merchant)
You can bet money here and have fun.  If you win the bet, you will get

[Guild] (Merchant)
You will find a variety of tools necessary for the adventure here.  Only
a few towns have this kind of shop.

[Stable] (Merchant)
Deal with the merchant and you might be able to get a faster horse.
Once you get the horse, you can ride it using the Horse Command.

[Hospital] (Doctor)
When the characters catch cold, or get poisoned, they can be cured if
they pay the doctor here.

[Temple] (Priest)
Go to the church when you are in trouble.  You'll feel relieved.  Don't
forget to make a donation.

[Store] (Shop Keeper)
Food is sold here.  As your food decreases, your HP (Hit Point) will
also decrease.


-Weapons and Armor-

In order to win the battle against strong enemies, you need to be
equipped with powerful weapons and armor.  Purchase new weapons and
armor.  (In order to do so, you have to save money!) Once you have made
a purchase, protect yourself with the Status Command.  Some characters
can't use certain weapons and armor due to the nature of their
profession. (See page 17 under Status Command for more information about
changing weapons and armor.)


You can throw a dagger at an enemy in the distance.  But you can use
this weapon only once.

This is stronger than the knife.  You can use this weapon against the
enemy only when the enemy is near you.

[Sling Shot]
You can shoot an enemy from a distance with this weapon.  You can use
this weapon as many times as you like.

This weapons is quite powerful and effective against a nearby enemy.

You can attack an enemy from a distance with this weapon.  This is more
powerful than a slingshot, and you can use this weapon many times.

You can attack only when the enemy is near you.  If your attack is
successful, the enemy will be near death.

This is more powerful than the bronze sword.  You can attack an enemy
with this only when the enemy is near you.

This is more powerful than the spear.  You can use this against a nearby


This is a plain cloth.  This does not protect very well against enemy

This is a little bit more effective protection than a plain cloth.  But
this is not helpful in protecting yourself from an attack.

[Bronze Armor]
This is the cheapest armor but it is more helpful than the cloth or

[Iron Armor]
This is quite strong.  This will protect you from your enemies' attack.

| There are even more weapons and armor than mentioned here.
| You can find them as you go along on your adventure.



The characters of the party are able to make use of various tools other
than the weapons and armor.  You can purchase these tools in town or
find them in the treasure chest.

This is for lighting the way for the party.  The light goes out as time
passes.  Purchase a lot of torches before going into a dungeon.  You can
buy a set of five torches at a tool shop.

[Magic Key]
You can open any door with this Magic Key.  Remember, you can use this
key only once.  You can purchase this key at a tool shop.

You can locate the party when you look into this crystal ball.  You can
tell where the party is located on a map, too.

[Sands of Time]
When you spread this sand, you can freeze time.  You can stop the
movement of the enemies, while your characters can still move around.
This special power does not last long.  Be careful!

You can move freely on the ocean.  If your enemy is on a ship, and you
win the fight, you can take over their ship!

| You can find more tools in the course of your adventure.  Discover new
| ways to use them on your own.



You can cast various spells with the Magic Command.  There are two
different kinds of magic--the Magic Power System and the Will Power

These two systems differ in power.  The different Professions and Magic
Power of each character gives each different magic to cast.

{Magic Power System}

[Repel] (Consume MP00)
You can use this spell when you fight with your enemies.  This spell is
effective against Ork, Troll, and Goblin.

[Missile] (Consume MP05)
When you cast this spell, you can launch a fireball against your enemy.
You can use this spell only during fights.

[Light] (Consume MP10)
When you cast this spell, you can light up the dungeon for a certain
amount of time.  You can use this spell only when you are inside the

[Descend] (Consume MP15)
If you cast this spell inside a dungeon, you can go one flight down even
when there is no ladder available.  You can use this spell only inside
the dungeon.

[Ascend] (Consume MP20)
If you cast this spell inside a dungeon, you can go one flight up even
when there is no ladder available.  You can use this spell only inside
the dungeon.

[Flame] (Consume MP25)
This spell is more effective than Missile when you want to launch a
fireball against your enemy.  You can use this spell only during

[Trans] (Consume MP30)
With this spell, the entire party can warp to a different place.  This
spell is effective only on the ground.

[PSI] (Consume MP35)
This is more powerful than Flame.  You can use this spell only during a

[Bright] (Consume MP40)
This keeps the dungeon lit up longer than Light.

[Cleric] (Consume MP45)
Use this spell if there isn't a Cleric in your party.  All the Will
Power Spells become available to you.

[Poison] (Consume MP50)
A spell for multiple attacks which damage all enemies.

[Kill] (Consume MP55)
Use during a fight to attack devils or dragons using a fireball.

[Stop] (Consume MP60)
This spell can be used anywhere to freeze time for everyone except the
party.  It only lasts a short while.

[PSI Kill] (Consume MP65)
Use this spell during a fight to attack several enemies at the same
time.  It is effective against all enemies.

[Rot] (Consume MP70)
Use this spell during a fight to decrease the HP of enemies.

[Death] (Consume MP75)
This is one of the strongest spells to use in a fight.  Use it to
extinguish almost any enemy.

{Will Power System}

[Undead] (Consume MP00)
This spell is effective against Skelton, Gool and Zombi.  You can use
this spell only when you are fighting.

[Open] (Consume MP05)
If you cast this spell before you open the treasure chest, you can undo
the trap hidden there.  You can use this spell on the ground and inside
the dungeon.

[Heal] (Consume MP10)
When you cast this spell, it helps your damaged character recover
his/her HP.  You can use this spell anywhere.

[Glow] (Consume MP15)
If you cast this spell, you can light up a dungeon for a certain period
of time.  You can use this spell only inside the dungeon.

[Rise] (Consume MP20)
If you cast this spell inside the dungeon, you can move one flight up
even when a ladder is not available.

[Sink] (Consume MP25)
If you cast this spell inside the dungeon, you can move one flight down
when a ladder is not available.

[Move] (Consume MP30)
If you cast this spell inside the dungeon, you can teleport your
characters to a different place on the same floor inside the dungeon.

[Cured] (Consume MP35)
Cast this spell when your character gets poisoned.  He/she will be
saved.  You can use this spell both on the ground and inside the

[Surface] (Consume MP40)
When you cast this spell while your characters are inside the dungeon,
all characters will move back to the ground at once.

[Star] (Consume MP45)
This spell will keep the dungeon lit longer than Glow.

[Large Heal] (Consume MP50)
This spell helps revive the HP of a character.  Use it when you meet up
with a strong enemy.

[Map] (Consume MP55)
This spell has the same effect as the Gem.  It will provide a map of the

[Banish] (Consume MP60)
This spell can be used to attack with a strong fireball.

[Raise] (Consume MP65)
This spell can be used anywhere outside of the combat zone to revive a
dead character.  If it fails though, the character will turn to ash.

[Destroy] (Consume MP70)
Use this spell in the combat zones to attack several people at one time.
It is effective on sea serpents and man-o'-war.

[Recall] (Consume MP75)
Use this spell outside of the combat zone to revive characters who have
turned to ash.  Try it when Raise fails.

| When MP increases, you can cast a variety of different spells both in
| the Magic Power System and in the Will Power System.  You have to find
| out what kinds of spells are available and what powers they have.

Inside the dungeon is a three dimensional maze.  The upper side of the
screen indicates the floor the party is on and the direction they are
headed.  When the first character of the party (in line) gets on the
entrance of the dungeon (the underground maze), all the members enter
the dungeon automatically.  It's pitch black inside, so use either a
torch or magic to illuminate it.  If you don't have either one, you have
to go through the dungeon without lights.

Inside the dungeon, the screen shows a three dimensional picture.  Use
Button + to move the party forward, backward, right and left.  When
there is a ladder, the party can climb up and down with the Climb
Command.  The lights continue to get dimmer and finally go out.  You
will have to re-light the inside of the dungeon.

-Tips for a Successful Adventure-

The party of four characters sets forth on their adventure.  Form the
best and strongest party, choosing the best combination of each member's
race group and profession.

"Ultima" is a role-playing game.  Each character increases his/her
points of experience level.  In the early stage of adventure, the party
should fight weaker enemies to increase the points of experience level.

When the point of experience reaches a certain degree, the characters'
level will increase.  Then, go to see Lord British.  He will increase
the maximum amount of HP.

When your characters are attacked by enemies, or when they open the
treasure chest, they might get poisoned, or catch cold.  You have to
send them to a hospital for treatment, or find a spring to drink pure
water from.

You cannot achieve success by merely fighting with your enemies.  Make
sure you listen to the people when you go to towns and castles.  Their
hints can be very helpful.

Each enemy has a different way of moving, different weapons, and
different weaknesses.  You have to find out what each enemy's weak point
is to successfully win the battle.

You have to spend a lot of money on your way.  To purchase weapons and
armour you might want to go and see a fortune teller who will advise you
on how to spend your money.

You will have to leave a tip at the pub, so make sure you collect the
gold from the treasure chest when you win a fight.

When every member of the party increases his/her level of experience,
you can enter the dungeon.  You have to be careful in preparing
necessary tools, especially, torches and food!

The dungeon is three-dimensional.  So it's important to keep track of
your journey so you won't get lost.

Not every adventure takes place on the ground or inside the dungeon.
Sometimes, you have to get on board ship and set sail for the ocean.

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Ultimaexodus Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Ultimaexodus in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Ultimaexodus gameplay. Ultimaexodus is a classic 1980s NES video game.