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Vindicators NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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If you are a little tech savvy, we also offer all these
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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.


VINDICATORS by Tengen, Inc. (c) 1988



OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION: The year is 2525 and the planet Earth
is in peril. Its destructiun is imminent unless you stop an attacking force
of evil alien space stations. Riding inside Vindicators, the most powerful
battle tanks ever created, you must infiltrate each station and destroy its
control center. Roam every level of each station in search of fuel, battle
stars (used to costomize your tank) and keys (to leave a level and enter the
next) - all the while repelling fierce couriter attacks by enemy tanks,
turrets, mines and flying saucers.

PROBLEMS? We recommend that you read this instruction booklet to learn and
master the operation of this game. By doing so you'll have hours and hours
of fun with your family and friends! Should you have any further problems or
questions about playing this game or any of Tengen's games, please call a
Tengen game counselor at (408) 433-3999 Monday through Friday from
8:30AM - 6:OOPM Pacific Time.


1. This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are
   very hot or cold. Never hit or drop it. Do not take it apart.
2. Avoid touching the connectors, do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may
   damage  the game.
3. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents.

Note: In the interest of product improvement, specifications and design are
      subject to change without prior notice.
VINDICATORS: TM Atari Games; (c) 1988 Tengen, Inc. Nintendo and Nintendo
             Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.



Vindicators is for one or two players. Plug your controllers into Ports 1
and 2.

Control Pad : To move
Select      : Switch between special weapons
              (Smart Shots and Bomb Cannons)
Start       : Start/Pause
Button B    : Shoot normal weapon
Button A    : Shoot special weapon

           |  |
       ____|  |____
 Left |____    ____| Right
           |  |


Your normal weapon is a regular shot. Your special weapons are Smart Shots
and Bomb Cannons.



For one or two players, this exciting science-fiction game challenges you to
wipe out 14 alien space stations with Vindicators, the battle thank of
choice in the far-flung future. Start the game by customizing your
Vindicators. Once you've infiltrated a station, your mission is to locate
and destroy its control center.

Enemy resistance is strong as every level of the multi-level station is
equipped with turrets, mines and other booby traps. You must also defeat
highly mobile enemy tanks and flying sausers that constantly patrol the
aliens' fortifications.

Your fuel supply is very volatile. Constantly replenish your fuel by picking
up fuel canisters at the many levels of each station. Pick up Battle Stars
along the way which you can use to "buy" the following:

* Tank speed fuel - You need both speed and fuel to stay alive.
* Increased shot range - Allows you to shot an enemy from a greater distance
* Increased shot power - Packs more wallop to your regular shots.
* Force shields - For greater protection so your tank can take more hits
                  without being destroyed.
* Smart Shots - A special weapon that can track any type of enemy on the
                screen, except mines and electric towers.
* Bomb Cannons - A special weapon that's much more powerful than regular



* Aggressor - This deadly tank tracks you and, once it locks on, followss
              you relentlessly.
* Darter - Tracks and approaches in a darting motion, then backs up and
           darts again.
* Orbiter - Tracks and circles around you in partial orbits, attacks, then
            circles once more in a random circular direction.
* Hovercraft - By far the most mobile and dangerous due to its fire power.
               Its bahavior is similar to the Aggressor, but it can hover.
* Saucers - Can only be destroyed with Smart Shots.


Enemy bosses guard doorways between levels of each space station.

* Sentry Robot - Easily defeated with bombs.
* Skull Sentry - Smart Shots are handy to stay out of it's range but bombs
                 are most effective.
* GunGun - Use a combination of bomb, shield and shot power to defeat GunGun.
           Or find a spot that GunGun cannot hit you but which lets you shoot
           bombs. This second method takes longer since your bombs lose some
* Mega-Brain - Weaken first with smart shots. then it can be defeated like
               GunGun, especially if you shoot at its eyeballs.



* Force Shields reduce fuel loss.

* Pick up keys to leave one level and enter the next level of a space station

* the control center is also known as the Bonus Room. Pick up as many objects
  as possible before the clock runs down and the room blows up. If you don't
  exit in time, your fuel level is cut in half.

* If you shoot the other player's tank, you'll transfer from fuel to him

* Some alien forces can only be destroyed by using special weapons
  (Smart Shots and Bomb Cannons)

* Objects may be found under turrets.

* The amount of fuel per fuel tank varies according to difficulty level. 
  The easy level gives you 6 fuel units, the medium, 5, and the hard, 4. 
  The maximum you can amass is 40 fuel units.

* Purchase screen: Once Shot Power is maximized, it becomes Shot Speed. 
  Smart Shots/Bomb Cannons are selectable at any time.

* For Enemy Bosses, weaken them first with Smart Shots, then attack as quickly
  as possible with bombs. Try storming Enemy Bosses with at least 20 shields, 
  20 to 30 bombs, and full shot power. By spreading thee Smart Shots, you can 
  maximize the effectiveness of the bombs.


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Sorry, no sound on mobile devices.

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Vindicators Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Vindicators in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Vindicators gameplay. Vindicators is a classic 1980s NES video game.