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The Atari 2600 was first released in North America in September 1977 and featured 9 launch titles: Air-Sea BattleBasic MathBlackjackCombatIndy 500Star ShipStreet RacerSurround and Video Olympics. The final licensed Atari 2600 game released in North America was Secret Quest in 1989, and the final licensed game released in Europe was Klax and Acid Drop in 1990 and 1992. Even with their 1980s limited colors and block graphics these games are still entertaining to play today! We have over 500 Atari 2600 games for you to play online for free using our Atari 2600 Javascript Emulator.

This game is mobile device friendly and Iphone compatible. Enjoy!

Instructions and Keyboard Controls towards bottom of page.
Click “Game Reset” or F12 to Start Game

Rabbit Transit

If you grew up in the 80’s you shouldn’t need instructions!! You might find some help at and look up the game you need assistance playing.

Click “Game Reset” or F12 to Begin/Restart Game
Arrow Keys – Move
Space bar to fire/action button

How to Play

Starpath Corporation

How to Use the Starpath SuperCharger System

Set up your Atari Video Computer System (or any similar game system that
takes Video Computer System game cartridges) according to manufacturer
instructions. Use joystick controllers.

Make sure power switch is OFF, and insert the Starpath Supercharger with
label up. Be careful not to force it or to insert it crookedly.

Connect the plug on the end of the Supercharger cable to the earphone jack
of any cassette recorder/player * (This jack may also be labeled monitor,
mon., ear, or output)

For best results, keep the cassette player at least a few inches away from
the TV set.

Turn the power switch of the game ON. The TV screenshould read "REWIND TAPE,
PRESS PLAY." If not, turn the power off and check to be sure the system is
properly hooked up and the Supercharger is fully inserted.

Insert Side A of RABBIT TRANSIT. Side A of the cassette is the quick load
side; Side B is the standard load side. Some cassette players may not
load reliably on the quick load side. If so, flip the tape over and use
Side B.
Set volume and tone controls near high or maximum. Press REWIND and wait
until the tape stops moving. Now press PLAY. In a few moments, you will hear
the sounds of the game loading and see colored panels fill the screen. A
moment later "STOP TAPE" will appear, and you'll be ready to play RABBIT

If you have trouble...

If the tape player makes a screeching noise, you have not plugged the
Supercharger cable into the earphone jack.

If the tape doesnt move, check the batteries in the cassette player.

Rewind the tape completely and try again.

Try Side B of the game cassette if Side A won't load properly.

Set volume and tone controls at high or maximum.

Move the cassette player farther from the TV set and try again.

*If you use a large cassette deck with a "phone" type earphone plug, you may
purchase an adaptor at most electronics specialty stores.

Rabbit Transit

The Object: You are a rabbit trying to get through the Mysterious Meadow
and the Land of Ledges to start a family and make it grow.

The Situation: Meadow meanies are trying to prevent you from getting to
your friend, the turtle, who will carry you down the river to the Land of
Ledges. Sneaky snakes, bothersome butterflies, chattering choppers and other
meanies will send you back to the top of the Meadow or take away one of your
If you avoid all these obstacles and leap atop the turtle, you will go to
the Land of Ledges.
Here, you will hop from ledge to ledge, attempting to turn them all into
one magic color. But beware of a heartless man who will interfere by dropping
rocks and undoing all your hopping efforts.
If you do succeed in changing all the ledges into the magic color, you will
go to the Bunny Bushes and start your family.

Each level of play consists of three screens:
Screen 1: The Mysterious Meadow
Screen 2: The Land of Ledges
Screen 3: The Bunny Bushes

The Mysterious Meadow

Race as fast as you can through the Mysterious Meadow, down to the river and
atop the turtle's back, Your friend will carry you to the Land of Ledges.
On your way to the river, you will face a variety of meanies - snakes,
butterflies, choppers and others. The butterflies will send you back to the
top of the Meadow. Other meanies will take away one of your chances.

There may be fences in the meadow. You must go through the fence gate to
continue your progress. You can only make diagonal jumps in your journey
to the river.
Once you have reached the river and jumped on the turtle's back, he will
transport you to the Land of Ledges. You will lose a chance if the clock runs
out before you hop onto the turtle's back. When you return to the Meadow, it
will be different and more difficult.

The Land of Ledges

Now your task is to jump from ledge to ledge and change each one to the
magic color indicated at the top left of the screen. Be careful of the
nasty man throwing rocks at you. If a rock hits you, you'll lose one of your
As the game progresses, the man will start undoing your magic by reversing
the colors of ledges you have already changed. You'll have to retrace your
jumps and convert the colors again.
Complete the Land of Ledges screen before time runs out and you'll move to a
new screen, the Bunny Bushes.

The Bunny Bushes

In this segment, you have at long last found your mate. This cartoon screen
will allow you to stop, rest and watch your family grow before venturing back
into the Mysterious Meadow again. (You can skip this screen by pressing the joystick

Using the Joystick

Jump Up and   \   /   Jump Up and
to the Left  \     /  to the Right
Jump Down and/     \  Jump Down and
to the Left   /   \   to the Right

The joystick should be held at an angle as shown above. Note that all jumps are
made diagonally. This means you cannot jump straight up or down, or directly to
the left or right.
Player one's joystick plugs into the left controller jack. Player two's joystick
plugs into the right controller jack.
Pressing the button will bypass the Bunny Bushes screen.

Console Switches

Game Select Switch. This switch selects a one or two player game.
Left Difficulty Switch. This switch selects the difficulty level for player one.
In the B position the turtle will stay up all the time. In the A position the
turtle will submerge and surface. In the A position things will move faster on
both screens.
Right Difficulty Switch. Selects the difficulty level for player two.
Game Reset Switch. Press game reset to start a new game.
Color B/W Switch. Not used.


Screen 1: The Mysterious Meadow. Points are awarded for Jumps to each new row
as you advance toward the turtle. Points are also awarded for the time remaining
when you reach the turtle, so the faster you reach the turtle, the higher your
Screen 2: The Land of Ledges. Points are awarded each time you change a ledge
to its magic color. Points are also awarded for the time remaining when the screen
is complete.
You must complete each screen before the timer shown in the lower right corner
of the screen reaches zero. A warning tone will Sound when the timer is almost out.
If you do not complete the screen in time, you will lose one of your chances.
An extra chance is awarded at 10,000 points. The number of extra chances remaining
is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Tips for Top Scores

Remember to hold the base of the joystick at the correct angle to avoid jumping
the wrong direction.
Lure the heartless man toward the center ledges. As soon as he hurls his rock,
hop over and change an edge ledge or two. But hurry back to the center ledges
before the man returns with another rock.

SuperCharger Game Previews  

To get a preview of other great Starpath games, follow these simple instructions:  
When loading RABBIT TRANSIT, be sure to push the STOP button on your cassette
player as soon as the TV screen fills with colored panels and the "STOP TAPE"
message appears.
Don't rewind the tape. When you're ready for a preview, flick the power switch
on the game system OFF, then ON again.
The TV screen should read "REWIND TAPE, PRESS PLAY." Don't rewind the tape. Simply
press PLAY. As soon as the "STOP TAPE" message appears, press STOP.
You'll see a "self-play" preview of one exciting Starpath game. You can't actually
play it (so don't bother pressing any more switches, but you can appreciate the
great graphics and game action.
To see the next game preview, simply repeat the above instructions. When no more
games appear, you have seen all the previews on your cassette.

STARPATH takes pride in providing you the finest, most challenging video games
available today. We welcome your comments and suggestions for ways to make our
game selection even more enjoyable.
Please write to:
P.O. Box 209
Santa Clara, CA 95050.

Changing Games

To load another Starpath game:
Flick the power switch OFF, then ON again.
Rewind and replace the cassette with another Starpath game cassette.
Rewind the tape, then press play.

To remove the SuperCharger:
Turn the power switch OFF.
Gently remove the SuperCharger.

To order games or to locate the dealer nearest you, call (408) 970-0200.

Limited 90 Day Warranty


STARPATH CORP warrants to the original purchaser of this STARPATH product
that it will be free from detects in materials and workmanship for ninety
days from the date of purchase. If this product is discovered to be defective
Within the warranty period, return to place of purchase for replacement.
This warranty is limited to electronic and mechanical parts within the product.
It is not applicable to normal wear and tear and is not applicable and shall
be void if the detect has arisen through, or the product shows signs of,
misuse, excessive wear, modifications, or tampering.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts
or the exclusion or limitaton of incidental or consequential damages, so the
limitations or exclusions set forth may not apply to you. This warranty gives
you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from
state to state.

Should your SUPERCHARGER require service after the ninety day limited warranty
period, a charge of $15 will be assessed to restore it to total working condition.
Send the SUPERCHARGER Unit, shiping prepaid to:
P.O. BOX 209
Santa Clara. CA 95050


ATARI and Video Computer system are trademarks of ATARI INC
STARPATH CORP is not related to ATARI INC
(C)1983 STARPATH CORP Printed in USA
(C)1983 STARPATH CORP (Game Program)

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Emulation on mobile devices will drain your battery quite fast. I recommend playing while device is plugged into charger.



RabbitTransit Arcade Game Emulated on the Atari 2600. Play RabbitTransit in your web browser or mobile phone. This Atari 2600 console emulator provides very accurate RabbitTransit gameplay. RabbitTransit is a classic 1980s Atari 2600 video game.