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Adventures In The Magic Kingdom NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.


Page 3.

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                               ENGLISH

Safety Precautions                                              4
Getting Started                                                 5
Playing the Game                                                6
The Select Feature                                              7
Controlling the Character                                       9
Pirates of the Caribbean                                        10
The Haunted House                                               11
Big Thunder Mountain                                            12
Autopia                                                         13
Space Mountain                                                  14
Enemy Characters                                                15

Page 4.


Please take time to read the important instructions in this booklet. Observing
the step-by-step instructions and complying with the warnings will be your
personal guarantee to greater game satisfaction over a long period of time.


1.Avoid subjecting this high precision GAME PAK to extreme temperature
  variances. Store at room temperature.

2.Do avoid touching terminal connectors. Keep clean by inserting GAME PAK in
  protective storage case.

3.Never attempt to disassemble your GAME PAK.

4.Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other strong cleaning
  agents can damage the GAME PAK.

5.For best results, play the game a distance away from your television set.

6.Pause for 10-20 minutes after 2 hours or more of continuous game playing.
  This will extend the performance of your GAME PAK.

Page 5.


1.Insert the Adventures in the Magic Kingdom GAME PAK and turn on your
  Nintendo Entertainment System. The title page will appear. At this point you
  will choose to start a new game by pressing the START button.

2.The next page is the Name Entry page. You can enter your own name into the
  game by moving the arrow to the letters you desire and press the A button.
  If you wish to remove a letter, press the B button.  When you have completed
  your name press START and you will go to the next stage.

3.Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy appear in front of the Enchanted Castle
  and set the stage for the game. To continue their dialogue, press the A
  button. You can start the game from this stage by pressing START.

Page 6.


There are six different games within Adventures in the Magic Kingdom. Five of
them are attractions in the park and the sixth is a series of Disney trivia
questions that are asked throughout the Magic Kingdom. When you complete a
game successfully, you will be awarded a silver key.  When you collect all
six silver keys you can proceed to the enchanted castle to begin the parade.

Page 7.


While you are walking through the park or in many of the attractions, you can
press the SELECT button to help your character. An options screen will appear
that offers information and items that can help you complete the next stage.

This screen shows how many players are available, the time remaining (if you
are on an attraction), and how many keys and stars have been collected.

Page 8.


You can collect stars in every attraction except for Space Mountain. Use the
stars here by trading them for helpful items. Their cost in stars is next to
each item. To get the item, press the A button. The items are:

Life Up - Each one gives player an extra heart in an attraction.

Invincible - Enemy characters cannot harm you when this is used.

Freeze - All enemies stop moving for a brief moment. Note: they will still
         harm the player if they are touched while being frozen.

Player receives 1 star for every star collected in the Haunted Mansion and
Pirates of the Caribbean, and 5 stars for every star collected in Autopia and
Big Thunder Mountain.

Page 9.


There are different instructions for each attraction in this game. The
elements that are consistent, however, are the START button and the LEFT and
RIGHT directions on the control pad. The START button pauses the game.
Pressing LEFT or RIGHT on the control pad moves the character (or the vehicle
he's riding) left or right.


As you walk through the Magic Kingdom you will meet several friends of Mickey
Mouse. Each of them will ask you a trivia question about Disney characters
and events. When you answer them correctly, they will tell you where to meet
the next person. When you answer the final question correctly, you will be
given a silver key.

Page 10.


Six villagers have been kidnapped and they need you to rescue them. You must
avoid the pirates until you find the special candle. With this candle, you can
either toss it at the enemy characters, or use it to ignite the cannons. When
you have gathered all of the villagers, you must light the signal fire to
complete this section. Note: all of the attractions have a time limit. You
will hear a warning sound when you are close to running out of time.

The A button makes the character jump. The longer you hold the button, the
higher he jumps. The B button makes him throw his candle and light the
cannon's fuses. Pressing Down on the control pad makes the character duck

Page 11.


This thriller has the scariest ghouls and ghosts in the Magic Kingdom! You
will start this level with a limited supply of candles (the monsters hate the
light). You'll need to collect extra candles as you progress through this
nightmarish section. You will need a lot of candles to defeat the Master

The A button makes the character jump. Again, the longer you hold the button,
the higher he jumps. The B button makes him throw his candles. Pressing Down
on the control pad makes the character duck down. Note: you can throw candles
while running and jumping!

Page 12.


On this attraction you'll have to steer a coal train across some pretty rough
tracks. Avoid the dead ends, wrong-way crossing guards and rolling boulders
as you head for the Goal station. To slow down the train, press the B button.

Page 13.


Peg leg Pete challenges you to a rough and ready auto race. Defeat him to
claim one of the silver keys as your victory trophy. Be careful not to
collide with the marker cones or the side of the track as this slows the car
down. If you leave the track you'll have to start again.

Press Up while pressing the A button to shift gears up. Press the B button to
brake. Note: you cannot jump all of the gaps. Some require a complete bridge
to cross.

Page 14.


Command a starship as Mickey Mouse gives you navigation signals to reach star
"F". The screen shows the command console and the view of space. One of six
signals will flash on the console mini-screen to direct your ship. When an
arrow points up, down, left, or right press those directions on the control
pad. When a meteor appears on the main viewing screen, you'll see a picture
of a button on the left or right side of the mini-screen. Press the A button
if the button is on the right side, and the B button if it's on the left side.

Page 15.






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Sorry, no sound on mobile devices.

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Adventuresinthemagickingdom Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Adventuresinthemagickingdom in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Adventuresinthemagickingdom gameplay. Adventuresinthemagickingdom is a classic 1980s NES video game.