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Al Unser Racing NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.


Instruction Manual			Data East

[inside front cover]

Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new
game and then save the booklet for future reference.


1)  Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from
    your Nintendo Entertainment System.
2)  This is a high precision game.  It should not be stored in places that are
    very hot or cold.  Never hit it or drop it.  Do not take it apart.
3)  Avoid touching the connectors, and do not get them wet or dirty.  Doing so
    may damage the game.
4)  Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents.

Licensed by Nintendo(R) for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System(R)

Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are registered trademarks of
Nintendo of America Inc.

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc.  Program (c)
1988 Data East USA, Inc.  Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are
registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.


This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo(R) has reviewed this
product and that it has met our standards for excellence in workmanship,
reliability, and entertainment value.  Always look for this seal when buying
games and accessories to ensure complete compatibility with your Nintendo
Entertainment System(R).

[page 1]


Pure turbo racing - wheel to wheel - high speed combined with high tech.  With
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing you're competing in the most challenging racing
circuit in the world.  It's a grueling battle through sixteen different
courses through sixteen different countries.

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing gives you incredible racing excitement and
realism.  And best of all it gives you Al Unser Jr. himself.  Before each
race, Al Unser Jr. personally gives you his expert inside tips on how to
handle the course.  Design your own car, or get ready to drive Unser's
incredible red, white and blue race machine.

Go ahead - test yourself against the world's best.  Many try but few succeed.
With Al Unser Jr. the odds are in your favor.

[page 2]


Your race car is controlled as follows;

^  Shift Up
V  Shift Down
<  Steer Left
>  Steer Right

[page 3]


Your race car is controlled as follows:

A BUTTON: The Accelerator
B BUTTON: The Brake

The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys steer your car left or right.  The UP and DOWN
keys shift the gears up or down.  Hit the UP arrow to shift up and the DOWN
arrow to downshift.  You have three gears plus TURBO.

For TURBO, hold down the UP arrow while holding down the A BUTTON.  You will
only stay in turbo for as long as you hold the UP arrow.  When you release it
you automatically go back into the third gear.

[page 4]


Press the START button to begin the game.  This will take you to the first
setup screen.

You can now choose between:
	Time Trial Mode A
	Time Trial Mode B
	World Grand Prix Series

In Time Trial Mode A, you race against other cars in practice mode.
In Time Trial Mode B, you take practice laps on the course alone.
In the World Grand Prix Series, you race against some of the world's hottest
drivers on sixteen championship tracks around the world.

Use the UP and DOWN arrows to selct the mode you want, then press the A BUTTON
or START BUTTON to move to the next screen.

[page 5]


Use the arrows to select the number of players (you can record the times of up
to 4 players), the number of laps you wish to race (one to eight laps), and
the track on which you wish to race.

You race on sixteen different tracks around the world.  Each country's race
track is different and is modeled after the most famous race track in that
country.  When you're racing in a practice mode, you can choose to race on any
track you want.  When you race in the World Grand Prix Series, you will need
to race the sixteen tracks in order.  The different tracks are:

Brazil		Spain		Hungary
Australia	W.Germany	Canada
Mexico		Monaco		Belgium
Italy		Australia	Greece
France		England		Japan

(note:  the booklet really does list Australia twice.  One is obviously
supposed to be Austria.  -jhd7)

To choose your circuit: Use the UP and DOWN arrows to select the CIRCUIT
option on the screen.  Then use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to select the
country you want to race in.  Now hit the START or A BUTTON to advance to the
next screen.

[page 6]


The next screen shows an illustration of the course you've chosen.  You can
customize your car for each course and thereby increase your ability to make
those other guys eat your dust.  Is it a course with many hairpin turns?
Does it have long straightaways where you can really let it fly?  How you
answer these and other questions will determine how you customize your car.
You can assign points for the six settings listed below.  The more points you
give a certain characteristic, the better your car performs in that category.
You must distribute points among these categories:

SPD (Speed): Your maximum top speed.
ACC (Acceleration): How quickly you get to top speed.
DUR (Durability): Your car's ability to withstand hitting other cars or
spinning out off the road.
SUS (Suspension): Your ability to corner well.  No matter how fast you are,
if you can't turn corners well, you will lose time and possibly run off the
PIT (Pit Crew Speed): Your pit crew must be fast refueling and making repairs.
Otherwise you lose precious seconds off your time.
TRB (Turbo): If your Turbo is working well, you can get up to 40 mph more
speed over your maximum speed.

Use the UP and DOWN arrows to select a category and the LEFT and RIGHT arrows
to add or delete ponts.

Hit the START or A Button to move to the next screen.

[page 7]

Use the Arrows to choose the background Music (BGM).  You can pick between
four different soundtracks, or NON if you want no music (racing sounds only).

Now hit the START Button to begin your race.

In addition to the setup screens above, when you race in the World Grand Prix
series, you also have these intial setups:

Select the Player's Name.  You can be Al Unser Jr. and take a car that's ready
to rock 'n' roll just like Al's, or you can enter another name by selecting
the New Name option on the screen.  If you want to work your way up the ranks,
put in your own name.  That will give you 20 points to spread over the 6
customized areas just described (see SETTING below).  Use the UP and DOWN
arrow keys to select each letter, then the RIGHT arrow to advance to the next
letter.  Now choose the Start game option and press the START button to
advance to the next screen.

Make your car a two-tone beauty.  Use the UP and DOWN arrows to scroll through
the colors available for the outside car body.  When you've decided, press the
RIGHT arrow button and scroll through the inside car body colors.  When you're
ready, press the A Button, then press the START button to advance.

[page 8]

Now select the following:


1. ADVICE.  When you select this option, you get Al Unser Jr.'s expert advice
on the particular course you're racing.  Each track is different and Al Jr.
gives you the pro's view of what to do.  He'll give you the edge you need to
compete with the elite in the Grand Prix.

2. SETTINGS.  This is where you customize your car for each Grand Prix race.
You set your car's settings for Speed, Acceleration, Durability, Suspension,
Pit Crew Speed and Turbo.  If you have chosen to be Al Unser Jr., your car
will be maxxed out.  This means your car will have the maximum 10 status
points for each setting, with a total of 60.  If you race under any other
name, you will begin with a total of 20 status points spread out over the 6
categories.  Different combinations will give you a different performance
vehicle.  Think it through, so your settings will perform best on the
particular course you're on.  As you advance through the different courses,
you will be awarded points if you finish in the top 6.  Not only will these
points be added to your World Grand Prix circuit standings, but these extra
points will also be added to your 20 status points, so you can make your car
an even better performer in the next race.

[page 9]

Press the A button to return to the options screen.  Now select either
Practice or Qualifying.


Select PRACTICE to run as many practice laps as you want (up to 99 laps).  To
choose the number of laps you wish to race, scroll up or down using the arrow
keys until you reach the number of laps you want to race, then press A Button.

Press START to begin practice laps.

To discontinue practice laps, stop your car and hit the SELECT button.


If you don't need any practice and are ready to race, choose QUALIFY.
Qualifying is a one lap run alone on the track.  Your time for this lap
determines your position for the start of the actual race.  If you have the
best qualifying time, you will start out in front in the coveted pole
position.  If you have the 12th best qualifying time, you will begin the race
in 12th place.  Obviously, it's to your advantage to race a great qualifying

After you have established your position, you can adjust your settings one
more time, or you can choose to begin the race.

When you choose to race, you will be shown the top qualifyers.  Use the A
Button to scroll through the top entrants.  You will see the different cars
and their qualifying times.

[page 10]

Push the Start Button to begin the race.  Each race will be between 6 to 11
laps, depending on the course.


While you're racing, the screen instrument panel shows:  Your speed, the gear
you're in (including Turbo), how much Turbo power you have left and your lap
time.  The message box at the bottom of the instrument panel will tell you
what place you're in and the number of laps to go to the finish line.  This
message box also tells you when to REFUEL or if you need a repair.

The REFUEL message flashes on the screen when you don't have much fuel left.
Once your fuel supply gets too low, you are unable to engage the Turbo.  Third
gear is then the best you can do.  If you continue driving without refueling,
eventually you will have to retire from the race.

[page 11]


The Pit Crew.  The guys in the Pit.  They're the unsung heroes of racing.
They keep your monster machine purring so all you have to do is drive.  You
don't stand a chance without them.

During the grueling race finals, you will be facing fierce competition lap
after lap.  You'll definitely need refueling and the chances are you'll need
quick repairs to your damaged car from spin-outs or crashes with other cars.
But you shouldn't wait until you're out of fuel or blow a tire to make a Pit
Stop.  By then it may be too late.



At the end of every lap you will come to the PIT AREA.  Before you get to the
PIT, you will see a series of "P" markers on the side of the road.  After the
last "P" sign, you must steer your car off the course to the right and into

Once inside the PIT, use the UP and DOWN Arrows to highlight what you want to
do.  You can choose the "REFUEL" option, the "REPAIR" option, or both.  To
check REFUEL push the A Button once.  To repair, push the A Button twice.  If
you need to do both, push the A Button 3 times.  Remember, the more you do to
your car, the more time your pit crew will take, and that will be added to
your overall time in the race.

[page 12]

You can also choose the "CURRENT POSITION" option in the PIT.  This will tell
you what your current ranking is.

After highlighting what you want to do in the PITS, press the UP Arrow to the
"PIT OUT" option and press the A BUTTON.  You will then see the PIT CREW do
their jobs.  The amount of time it takes is added to your race time.  When
they're done, you're back in the race.

Do not select the QUIT option unless you want to withdraw from the race
completely and quit the game.


At the end of the race, you'll be shown your final position, and the top 6
finishers will receive status points.  These points count toward the circuit
championship, which is decided after you have raced on all 16 courses.  These
points are also added to the 20 points you start with for your car's settings.
The increased points mean you will have a better car for the next race.  So
the more you win, the better your race car becomes.  For example, if you
received four points from the first race, you will have 24 points to
distribute for the second race.  The more points you get, the more you can
"max out" your car in the areas of Speed, Acceleration, Durability,
Suspension, Pit Crew Speed, and Turbo.

[page 13]

You receive points as a top finisher as follows:

	First Place	9 Points
	Second Place	6 Points
	Third Place	4 Points
	Fourth Place	3 Points
	Fifth Place	2 Points
	Sixth Place	1 Points


Know the layout for every course.  If you know what lies ahead, you won't be
in for any nasty surprises.  The best place to begin is to get Al Unser Jr.'s
advice before every race.  He's the best in the world, so why not listen to

Customize your car carefully.  If the course has hairpin curves after
S-curves, you won't need Turbo power as much as you'll need a great
suspension.  If you've got good stretches of straight road, you'll want to go
with all the speed and Turbo you can muster.  If you're the kind of driver who
gets in a lot of crashes, you'll need a durable car and a lightning-quick pit

[page 14]


To save your game you must have first entered your name at the beginning of
the game, or have chosen to be Al Unser Jr.  If you quit the game your score
will be saved up through the last race you completed.  When you are ready to
resume the game, select the same name and the circuit will resume at the
beginning of the last race you ran.  Or, you can start the circuit over by
entering a new name.

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[page 6]


more legalese

[back cover]


Data East USA Inc.
1850 Little Orchard St., San Jose, California 95125

Printed in Japan

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