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Arkanoid NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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If you are a little tech savvy, we also offer all these
NES games in a JAVA Emulator.

Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.


How to play Arkanoid(tm)



The story

Their earth-like planet was devastated by a brutal attack of aliens. The
survivors roam the galaxy on their photon spaceship Arkanoid in search of a
new home. The Arkanoid is attacked and the survivors barely escape in the Vaus
spacecraft. Instead of finding safety, they are now trapped in a deadly space

If they are to be saved, you must summon all your courage and skill to shatter
the space walls and defeat the merciless enemy forces!


How to play

Your mission is to destroy the space walls with the energy ball by strategic
movement of your Vaus spacecraft.

There are three types of walls: colors, silver and gold. You earn points for
their destruction as follows:

Silver walls - 50 points times the number of the round. The number of energy
ball hits required to break the hard walls follows:
2 times - 1st to 8th round
3 times - 9th to 16th round
4 times - 17th to 24th round
5 times - 25th to 32nd round

Gold walls are indestructible.
There are 33 rounds in this game. In the final round, a huge enemy fortress
will loom before you as the ultimate challenge. While dodging bullets, you 
must hit the fortress 16 times with your energy ball to destroy it.

Color walls
white - 50
orange - 60
light blue - 70
green - 80
red - 90
blue - 100
pink - 110
yellow - 120

Some walls contain power CAPSULES. Each time you capture one you'll score 100
points and gain these super powers:

orange - slows movement of ball
pink - opens warp escape - advance to next round
yellow/green - catch the ball and release it
red - increase to Vaus laser fire power
light blue - splits energy ball into 3 particles
grey - awards an extra Vaus
dark blue/purple - widens the Vaus controller


How to operate

Be sure your control deck is turned off. Plug the Arkanoid controller into the
player 2 port of your control deck. Insert Arkanoid game pak in control deck.
Turn on the power switch to display the demonstration screen.

Select Button
Choose 1 or 2 player(s) game.

Start Button
Start the game by pushing either the fire button on the Arkanoid controller or
the start button on the main controller in player port 1.

Pause Function
Push the START button once during the game to pause.
Push START again to resume play

Dedicated Controller
Use control knob to move Vaus left and right. Use fire button to launch energy
ball and fire laser.

If the Vaus does not reach the furthest right or left parts of the screen or
if it skips from right to left or left ro right, you can adjust it easily on
your own. Simply remove the small lid to the right of the knob. Insert a small
phillipshead screwdriver, turn it slowly and make any necessary adjustments.

Main Controller
Control pad moves the Vaus left and right.
A Button: launches energy ball and fires laser beam.



Energy ball
Space wall

normal Vaus
Vaus with laser power



No.1 - Konerd
No.2 - Pyradok
No.3 - Tri-sphere
No.4 - Opopo

The obstacles are debris from the planet that was destroyed. They are floating
around in space destined to get in your way, changing the direction and/or
angle of your shots and to drive you crazy. There is a positive side though -
Bonus points are awarded for each obstacle you destroy. You can eliminate them
with either the energy ball or the Vaus controller. You aim is everything!


Playing tips

Choose capsules carefully. Each one changes the one before it. Use them 
cautiously to suit each situation.

You may advance through the levels up to the 16th!! To do this simply press
the START button and the "A" button at the same time. This must be done at the
beginning of each level - before any game play occurs.
                            GOOD LUCK!!!!


These games are being emulated natively in Javascript. No plug-in is required in your web browser, but the emulator does require a modern web browser. Game speed and emulation only runs as good as your computer or mobile phone. If you have a fast, modern computer these games will run very smoothly.
Sorry, no sound on mobile devices.

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Arkanoid Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Arkanoid in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Arkanoid gameplay. Arkanoid is a classic 1980s NES video game.