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Crystalis NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.


It has been said that an ending is merely a beginning in disguise.  And so
it was that when the Great War engulfed the world, bringing civilization as
we know it to an end, it ushered in the dawn of a new era.  An era in which
science and technology were shunned - for they had proven to be mankind's
downfall - and the ancient arts of sorcery and magic were revived.
[picture of game screen]

As the survivors slowly rebuilt their world, towns and villages began to
spring up, and the wisest and most capable of the magicians used their magic
to keep order.  Peace reigned over the land for a hundred years...Until a
powerful Magician named Draygon intrigued by the forbidden ways of science,
began to study the principles of machines and flying.  Realizing the power
he might wield if he combined his magic with technology, his mind became
twisted by the urge to control and dominate his fellow man.

Draygon created a computer capable of simulating his magic powers.  He
placed it in a floating fortified tower; and from his airborne fortress, he
built and controlled his growing empire, until the entire planet was
threatened by his ever spreading evil.

In a attempt to combat Draygon, the other magicians constructed a series of
powerful swords, along with powerful items to use with these swords.  Based
on the basic elements of the land - wind, fire, water, and thunder -  the
four swords if used together at full power, would transform into the next
elemental stage - that of crystal.  This would be the mightiest weapon ever
created: the sword Crystalis.

[picture of game screen] 

Learning of their idea.  Draygon seized the weapons; but they had made them
too well, and he was unable to destroy them.  Knowing they could only defeat
him if used together.  Draygon scattered the weapons throughout the land,
and stripped the wise magicians of  most of their powers.

In desperation, they began to study the writings from the time of the Great
War, where they learned of a great magician, the most powerful who ever
lived. He had been imprisoned in a cave and frozen by the evil forces of the
Great War, who had hoped to use his powers to control the world after the
war.  Searching the globe, the wise men found the cave, and were amazed to
find that the mighty magician frozen within was a mere lad.

Through they knew it might destroy them, they pooled all of their remaining
power in an attempt to will him back to life.  When the boy awoke - his mind
a blank, even his name forgotten - they had vanished, leaving him to find
his destiny in this strange new world.

In CRYSTALIS, you play the role of the young magician, making your way
through Draygon's hostile land in an effort to locate the weapons you will
need to defeat him.  Draygon's monsters and black magic will threaten you at
every turn; but you must not falter -  only you can deliver the world from
his scourge of evil!

[picture of game screen] 


[diagram of NES controller]

Control Pad:
Move the hero; move the cursor in the shop and/or each screen.

Start Button:
Start the game; see and cancel the Status Screen; go to the Sub-Screen.

Select Button:
See and cancel the Sub-Screen.

A Button:
Choose an item on the Sub-Screen. (When you select a specific item on the
Sub-Screen, press the A button to use it.)

B Button:
Attack by sword; choose items.  Press the B button to power-up the sword and
release the button to attack.  Moreover, you can move with the sword
powered-up (hold the B button).


[picture of game screen] 
[with A pointing to main game screen, and B pointing at the bottom of the
game screen]

A:  Shows the action screens and the sub-screens in the game.
B:  Shows the parameters of the hero.

Hero's Parameters:
Life:  Hero's Life gauge decreases whenever he gets damaged.  If it runs
out, the game will be over.  The Life gauge is at its maximum when level 16
is reached.

Force:  Each sword has 3 levels of power.  Attacks will vary depending upon
the amount of power used.

EX:  Experience points are obtained by defeating enemies.  When your points,
shown of the left, reach the number shown on the right, you gain a Level.

LV:  The hero's present Level.  As the level increases, the Life gauge and
MP limit both increase.  The maximum Level is 16.

$:  Money which the hero has acquired in order to buy equipment to protect
himself, and tools to keep traveling.  You can get this whenever you destroy
monsters, and they might leave a box of treasure in some cases.

MP:  This is needed to use magic.  The consumption of the magic is shown
with the numerical figures, and this number is called MP (Magic Points).
Whenever you use magic, you lose MP, and when the number comes to 0, you
can't use magic anymore.  To restore MP, you have to either stay in the inn
or use an item.

Moreover, the value of MP is related to the level of the hero, and the
higher the level is, the higher the limit.  The point on the left is the
current MP and the point on the right is the maximum of the current MP.
(current MP - 000/000 - Maximum MP)
NOTE:  If you use the maximum level (level 3) of the sword, you consume points.

When you are dead in the middle of a game, the screen will return to the
title screen after the display of "GAME OVER."  At this moment you may
select "CONTINUE," and can start at the game from the beginning of the stage
you died on.

Once you turn off the power, you can't use this mode.

If you lose a life by poison, paralysis, curse, or being turned to stone,
you will be normal after pressing "CONTINUE."

Press the Select Button to see Sub-Screen.
Choose a sword, armor, magic, or an item, and save and load.
There are two screens.  Press the Control Pad up and down to switch screens.

[picture of weapon/armor sub-screen]

Sword   [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Four Kinds
Armor   [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Maximum of four kinds displayed
Shield  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Maximum of four kinds displayed
Power   [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Four kinds 
                               - Names of items which you designate by the
cursor; also Messages

[picture of item/magic sub-screen]

Item  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Items which are
consumed - 8 kinds
      [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Equipment which can
be worn - 8 kinds
      [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Items related to
the story - 8 kinds
Magic [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ]  [  ] - Magic - 8 kinds
                                                     - Name of item and
magic                                                        designated by
the cursor; also

Controlling the Sub-Screen:
Press the Control Pad to move the cursor, and press the A button to wear
equipment or choose a tool.  Press the A button again to cancel your command
and make your choice again.  When you want to drop your items, move the
cursor to an item which you don't need and press the B button.  Then, you
are asked whether you want to give up the item.  Move the cursor to Yes if
you want to drop it, and press the A or B button.  But if you want to give
up an important thing (a sword) which you can't abandon, the words "You
cannot drop!" appear on the screen.

Giving Items Away:
While on the Sub-Screen, select an item you wish to use.  Then, when you
contact people or animals that you want to give something to, press the B

Press Start on the Sub-Screen to see the System Screen and use SAVE and LOAD.

[picture of save/load screen]

You can SAVE only in towns and fields - A maximum of 2 games may be saved.
After selecting SAVE and LOAD, press the A button; the name of the game and
level will be designated by the cursor.

Press the Control Pad right and left to choose SAVE or LOAD.  Press the
Control Pad up and down to select data.

Press the A button to see, "Do you want to SAVE or (LOAD)?"  Press the
Control Pad right and left to choose Yes or No and press the A button.

Press the B button to cancel System Screen.
The following message comes on at the places where you can't save data:
"Cannot save!"

Status Screen:
During the game, press the Start button to see the Status Screen of the
hero, which shows the current conditions of the hero at a glance.

[picture of status screen]

There are 16 levels.
You can go to higher levels by increasing points.  As the level goes up, the
higher the points of each ability of the hero becomes.  These points show
his strength with relation to WEAPONS and TOOLS being used.

As the hero proceeds, his body will show various conditions from obstacles
on the ground and attacks from enemies.

Normal:  A normal condition.
Poison:  A condition of being affected by poison.  While this sign is on,
PHYSICAL STRENGTH goes down little by little.

Paralysis:  Half of his body is paralyzed.  He can move his body, but he
can't                   power up his sword.

Turning into Stone:  His body turns to stone completely.  He can't walk or

Curse:  He becomes a little monster temporarily.  The only thing he can do
is                walk.

Physical Strength:
The figure of the current HP of the hero is shown.
The figure on the left is the current HP, and the figure on the right is the
maximum of the current HP.
(the current HP - 000/000 - the maximum HP)

Attack Power:  
It shows the volume of damage which the hero gives to enemies.  It is
related to the level of the hero, and the higher his level goes, the higher
his attack power is.

Defensive Power:
Whenever the level goes up, the figure increases.  When the hero uses armor,
the figure on the left changes.  When he uses a shield, the figure on the
right changes.

Armor helps reduce damage when he gets hit by enemies, and a shield helps to
decrease damage by something discharging.

B button:  The name of a sword to use by pressing B button.
A button:  The name of a magic to use by pressing A button.

Armor:  Clothes or armor being worn at the present time.
Shield:  Shield being used at the present time.

Your quest will take you through a great variety of areas.  Here are the
different areas, and all of the different scenes within each area.

Area 1:  Wind Valley
    1)  Mezame Shrine
    2)  Village in Wind Valley
    3)  Cave of Zebu, a wise man
    4)  Windmill Shed
    5)  Sealed Cave

Area 2:  Cordel Plain
    1)  Town for travelers
    2)  Tonel's house in the plain
    3)  Maze of Forest
    4)  Oak Village
    5)  Poisonous Swamp
    6)  Amazones Village

Area 3:  Mt. Sabre
    1)  Entrance to the West Route
    2)  Training place of the wise man
    3)  Entrance to the North Route
    4)  Hut of Nadare
    5)  On the way of trails
    6)  Guard station at barrier
    7)  Prison inside a maze of ice
    8)  Top of Mt. Sabre

Area 4:  Capitol of Water  
    1)  Portoa, Capitol of Water
    2)  Queen's Palace and Fortunetellers home
    3)  Cave under the falls
    4)  Lake with a lime tree
    5)  Room inside the lime tree
    6)  Underground waterway
    7)  Lamp in a cave
    8)  Kirisa plant in a cave
    9)  Boat rental shop

Area 5:  Angry Sea
    1)  Hut to watch the beach
    2)  Cave in the sea
    3)  Joel Island
    4)  Lighthouse on the cape
    5)  Evil Spirit Island
    6)  Sorcerers home
    7)  Whirlpool

Area 6:  A Port Town
    1)  Swan, a port town
    2)  Storage at an inn
    3)  Checkpoint

Area 7:  Mt. Hudra
    1)  Entrance to Mt. Hudra trail
    2)  Fortress of Shyron
    3)  Temple of the wise man
    4)  Cave of Noopah
    5)  Temple of the wise man

Area 8:  A Fortress City
    1)  The Castle Town of Goa
    2)  From a way to the Castle to a middle gate
    3)  From a courtyard to the inside (1F) of the Castle
    4)  From the inside (2F) of the Castle to the Shinto priest's altar room
on the highest floor.

Area 9:  Death Desert
    1)  Death Desert
    2)  Desert Oasis
    3)  Desert Plain
    4)  Sahara, a Desert town
    5)  Pyramid
    6)  Underground cave leading to the highest floor of the Pyramid
    7)  King's room

Area 10:  Tower of the Sky
    1)  Inside the tower

List of Towns:
You will pass through a total of eleven towns along the way:
  1)  Leaf               7)  Joel
  2)  Brynmaer           8)  Swan
  3)  Oak                9)  Shyron
  4)  Nadare's          10)  Goa
  5)  Portoa            11)  Sahara  
  6)  Amazones

Types of Stores:
Recover HP and MP of the hero completely; will also recover poisonous and
paralysis conditions.

Armor Shop:
Sells armor and shields; items will vary in different villages and towns.

Tool Shop:
Sells medicine, herbs, and items.

[picture of game screen in tool shop]

Pawn Shop:
Hero can sell unnecessary items and armor he doesn't want any more.

A plaza where people come and rest on the town.  People talk about various
things here.
Not all towns and villages have all shops, and some shops will not have signs.

[picture of game screen in tavern]

There are four groups of items: Weapon (sword), Guard, Tool, and Power-up Items.

Weapon (Sword):
There are four kinds: Sword of Wind, Fire, Water, and Thunder.  Their
effectiveness will depend upon levels and races of enemies.  The swords will
also destroy obstacles (walls, etc.) which stop the hero's progress.

Guard (Shield, Armor):
There are 8 kinds of shields and armor.  They are different from each other
in strength and features.  It is important to use them properly depending on
places and enemies.

You need them to continue to travel, and can buy them in tool shops in the
towns and villages.  Sometimes they will be hidden, and the player must find
them in order to use them.
1)  Consumable items: When you use it once, it will be gone.
2)  Worn items: You can wear them many times, and they will become effective
when you put them on. (You cannot sell these.)
3)  Event Items: Important items to carry on the story. (You cannot buy or
sell these.)

Power-Up Items (Bracelet, Ball):
They increase the level of four swords and make attacks stronger.  When you
get a ball, you can go to level 2; and when you obtain the bracelet, you can
move to level 3 (the strongest.)  Because of these power-ups, you can
destroy walls, freeze water, and call lightening

Sword of Wind:
The Sword of Wind is given by an elder in the Valley of Wind Village, Leaf.
It is the first sword which the hero uses.  It launches a wave of vacuum
(vacuum discharge).
Level 1:  Discharges wave of vacuum (small).
Level 2:  Fires piercing bullet (large).
Level 3:  Causes a tornado and wipes out all enemies in front of the hero.
Hero can destroy rock wall at level 2.

Sword of Fire:
The Sword of Fire is put on a pedestal as an object of worship by the dwarf
group in Oak.  It fires a flame.
Level 1:  Fires a wave of flame.
Level 2:  Fires piercing flame.
Level 3:  Causes big explosion in front of the hero and damages enemies
around him.
Hero can break ice walls at level 2.

Sword of Water:
The Sword of Water is located somewhere in Portoa, the capital of Water.  It
launches an ice wave.
Level 1:  Discharges as ice wave (small).
Level 2:  Launches a piercing ice wave in front of the hero.
Level 3:  An ice wave spreads around the hero in a circle.
Hero can create ice bridges over rivers at level 2.

Sword of Thunder:
The Sword of Thunder is located in a certain place near the village of the
wise man, Shyron.  It is the most powerful sword.  It launches a wave of
Level 1:  Discharges a lightening wave in three directions in front of the hero.
Level 2:  Discharges a lightening wave in seven directions in front of the hero.
Level 3:  Flashes lightening like a storm; wipes out all enemies on the screen.
Hero can destroy iron walls at level 2.

Crystalis, given by Mesia, is a sword with the combined abilities of the
four swords.
It can destroy DYNA, the main computer in the tower.  It is a "Key" which
makes explosive equipment work in the tower.

Carapace Shield:
Made from a shell.  Easy to obtain, but defensive power is low.

Bronze Shield:
Made of bronze.  Defensive power is higher than Carapace.

Platinum Shield:
Made of platinum.  Doesn't rust; lasts for a long time.  Defensive power is
higher than Bronze.

Mirrored Shield:
Has a reflective surface.  Guards against becoming petrified.

Ceramic Shield:
Strong against heat and cold.  Defensive power is in the middle range.

Sacred Shield:  
Guards against becoming paralyzed.

Battle Shield:
Good for battles; no particular strong points.

Psycho shield:
The strongest shield; guards against poisoning, paralysis, and petrifying. 

Tanned Hide:
Made of tanned hide; doesn't have much defensive power.

Leather Armor:
Made of hard leather, with good water resistance.

Bronze Armor:
Defensive Power is low, but adequate against most attacks.

Platinum Armor:
Won't rust; lasts for a long time.  More powerful than bronze.  

Soldier Suit:
Knitted from metal compound; easy to move in; has good defensive power.

Ceramic Suit:
Strong against heat and cold; defensive power is high.

Battle Armor:
Covers the entire body; guards even against poisonous attacks.

Psycho Armor:
The strongest armor; it helps to restore your physical strength automatically.

Consumable Items:
Medical Herb:
Restores physical strength little by little; can be used while you fight.

Eliminates poison received from enemy attacks and traps.

Lysis Plant:  
Cures a condition of paralysis.

Fruit of Lime Tree:
Restores a petrified condition to normal condition.

Fruit of Power:
Restores 1/4 of total MP; can be used during fights.

Magic Ring:
Restores entire MP; can be used during fights.

Fruit of Reeun:
Removes enemy curse which changes you into a little monster.

Warp Boots:  
Teleports you back to a town or village you have visited.

Opal Statue:
If you die, it replenishes all of your life power, and you can continue
playing from the point where you died.

Insect Flute:
If you play in a certain place, the Insect Monster appears.

Worn Items:
Gas Mask:  
Protects you from poison gas in the Poisonous Swamp.

Power Ring:  
Doubles the power of a sword.

Warrior Ring:  
Shoots a level 1 shooting wave continuously.

Iron Necklace:
Doubles the defensive power of armor.

Shield Ring:
Doubles the defensive power of a shield.

Deo's Pendant:
Restores MP automatically while you wear it.  Doesn't restore MP while you
are using magic in a battle.

Rabbit Boots:
Enable you to jump.

Leather Boots:
Maintains your physical strength even when you walk on poisonous ground.

Event Items:
Alarm Flute:
Needed to wake the guard of the WINDMILL KEY.

Windmill Key:
Needed to male the windmill work in the Valley of Wind.

Key To Prison:
Unlocks the prison door in the ice maze.

Key To The Underworld:
Unlocks the gate to the Underworld.

Fog Lamp:
Needed to board the ship which goes from the Capitol of Water to the coast.

Shell Flute:  
Calls dolphins to help you cross the sea.

X-Ray Goggles:
Located on Joel Island; lets you see through the secret storage room door.

Broken Statue:
Becomes a whole statue when you use the GLOWING LAMP.

Glowing Lamp:  
Changes the BROKEN STATUE  into a whole one.

Whole Statue:  
Stops the whirlpools on the angry sea so you can cross it.

Love Pendant:  
Give it to a wise man, and he will teach you the magic of disguise.

Kirisa Plant:
Give it to the Chief of  the Amazones tribe, and he will give you a bow and

Sacred Statue:
restores a sacred man called Kensue, who was turned into an animal, to his
normal condition.

Bow Of The Moon:  
Destroys the Statue of the Moon.

Bow Of The Sun:
Destroys the Statue of the Sun.

Bow Of Truth:
Use it to destroy the Emperor of Dragonia.

Flute Of Lime Tree:
Restores petrified people to normal.

Statue Of Onyx:
Give it to a person named Akahana in the town of travelers, and he will give
you a Gas-Mask.

Ball of Wind:
Powers up the Sword of wind to level 2, enabling you to destroy rock walls.

Ball of Fire:
Powers up the Sword of Fire to level 2, enabling you to break ice walls.

Ball of Water:
Powers up the Sword of Water to level 2, enabling you to build a bridge
across water.

Ball of Thunder:
Powers up the Sword of Thunder to level 2, enabling you to destroy the Wall
of People.

Tornado Bracelet:
Powers up the Sword of Wind to level 3 (consumes MP).

Flame Bracelet:
Powers up the Sword of Fire to level 3 (consumes MP).

Blizzard Bracelet:
Powers up the Sword of Water to level 3 (consumes MP).

Storm Bracelet:
Powers up the Sword of Thunder to level 3 (consumes MP).

There are 8 types of magic that the player can use.  the hero doesn't know
any magic and can't use any at the start of the game.  But he will acquire
if from a wise man by fulfilling some terms while the game is in progress.

How to use Magic:
You can't use magic unless you select it.
First of all, select the magic you want to use in the Sub-Screen.  Then, go
back to the previous screen and the A button to use the magic you chose.
The name of the item and magic will be designated by the cursor.
When you want to confirm the magic you selected, press the Start button to
see the Status Screen of the hero.  The name of the magic selected will be

Magic Spells:
Using magic will decrease your MP (magic points) in one of three different ways.
To use the following five spells, press the A button once; your MP will
decrease by a fixed amount.

Puts enemies and townspeople to sleep for a while.  It doesn't affect the
wise men.

Allows you to converse with animals (non-humans), communicate with the wise
men, and hear hints about the story.

Moves you instantly to any village or town where you have been before.

Restores your condition to normal if you are poisoned, paralyzed or petrified.
Disguises you as a monk, a woman, a Dragonia soldier, or a merchant.

To use the following two spells, hold the A button down; your MP will
continue to decrease until you release it.
Protects you from enemy discharge attacks, but won't protect you against
direct contact with enemies.

Allows you to dodge enemy attacks and fly over dangerous places.

When using the following spell, your MP will decrease as your life gauge
Restores your HP (hit points).

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Crystalis Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Crystalis in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Crystalis gameplay. Crystalis is a classic 1980s NES video game.