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Magic Johnsons Fast Break NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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If you are a little tech savvy, we also offer all these
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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.



Instruction Manual

Magic Johnson's Fast Break(tm)

Four player game



Catch The Magic!

Now you can slam dunk like the pro's! Magic Johnson's Fast Break is slammin'
jammin' basketball action. It's simple enough for beginners, and challenging
enough for pro's. Play against the computer or an opponent. Up ro four players
can play simultaneously. Head for the hoop, and slam dunk the ball. You can
shoot 3-pointers and other special plays. Master all 5 levels of competition.
The better you get, the better your salary gets.


Getting In The Action

Magic Johnson's Fast Break is fast-paced basketball for up to four players. If
you purchase the optional NES Satellite(tm), four controllers can be used at
once, allowing up to four players to play simultaneously. Without this 
interface, you can have only one or two player games.

Note: In one-player games, press the Select Button to choose the number of
players and skill level.


If the Start Button is not pressed in the allowed time, the complter will
begin Auto-Play. To return to the Title Scren during this demonstration game,
press any of the controller buttons.

Each game consists of four quarters. At the end of a quarter, the referee will
sound his whistle and play will stop. Statistics are shown for both teams 
between quarters. Pressing either of the fire buttons will begin the next
quarter. If the score is tied at the final buzzer, additional quarters will be
played until a winner is determined.

At the start of each quarter, a jumpball is played to decide which team gains
initial possession of the ball. The referee throws the ball into the air, and
each team jumps and tries to knock the ball to a teammate.

On offense, go for 2 or 3 pointers, depending on your distance when you shoot
a ball. On defense, guard your basket from the other team and even try to 
steal the ball. Don't forget to go for the rebound.

Once the offense has entered their opponents half of the court, they are not
permitted to carry or pass the ball back across the center line. If they do, a
back court violation occurs and the ball is given to their opponent for an in-

Only 5 team fouls are permitted each quarter. Each additional foul awards 2
free throws to the offended side. If the fouling team has under 5 at the time
of the foul, then an inbound is awarded to the other team. Exceptions are a)
the player is fouled while shooting and the shot is good - 1 free throw 
awarded. b) the defense fouls a player during an inbound - 2 free throws
awarded. One point is awarded for each successful free throw. If the ball does
not go in after the last free throw, the ball becomes live. Both teams may
grab the rebound. If it does go in, the other team takes possession.


Using The Control Unit

Control Pad
Moves your player around the court

Select Button
Chooses number of players and skill level in a one-player game.

Start Button
Begins the game, but also pauses the action

B Button
ON OFFENSE: Passes the ball
ON DEFENSE: Swaps control to a teammate (Not used in four-player game)

A Button
ON OFFENSE: Shoots the ball
ON DEFENSE: Attempts a steal or jumps for the ball

At the end of a quarter, press the A or B button to advance the game into the
next quarter. During a JUMP BALL, press the A or B button to jump for the
ball. During an INBOUND, press the A or B button to pass the ball to a 
teammate. During a REBOUND, press the A button to jump for the ball, press the
B button to swap control to a teammate.

NOTE: Fast Break MUST be played with the Fire Button Auto-Repeat turned off 
(if your controller has this feature).


One-Player Games

In a one-player game, the computer controls the red team, playing left to
right. You are the blue team, playing right to left and using control unit 1.

Your control unit can move only one player at a time, so an arrow will appear
above the man you are controlling.

At the start of the game, you will select the skill level of the computer
team. There are five levels to choose from, ranging from "Rookie" to 
"Professional." Begin your basketball career on the "Rookie" level, then
advance to harder and harder levels as you improve.

Two-Player Games

In a two-player game, control unit 1 operates the blue team, playing from 
right to left. Control unit 2 operates the red team, playing from left to

Because each control unit can move only one player at a time, an arrow will
appear above the man being controlled by each player.

Four-Player Games

In a four-player game, control units 1 and 2 operate the blue team, playing
from right to left. Control unit 1 operates the arrowed blue player. Control
units 3 and 4 operate the red team, playing from left to right. Control unit
3 operates the arrowed red player.


The Scoreboard

[left to right...]

Team fouls in quarter (5 permitted)
Score - player 1
Shot clock (24 seconds permitted)
Time left in quarter
Score - player 2



At the start of the game, each team is given a salary. If they win the game,
salary will be raised. At the end of the game, salaries are calculated for 
each team according to their performance. 

Only the winner is awarded a bonus plus additional money calculated from the
team's statistics.

In a one-player game, the bonus awarded after beating the computer is 
proportional to the skill level selected for the computer. Beating the 
"Professional" team will bring greater rewards than beating the "Rookie" team.
In two and four-player games, the bonuses are equivalent to beating an 
"Expert" team.

A record of high salaries is kept each game session. If a player equals or
beats and of the salaries, the player will be asked to enter his or her 
initials. This list will be kept until the console is powered down.


Hot Tips!

* Want to score? Get as close to the net as possible before you shoot.

* Want to steal the ball? Get close to the ball and press the A button

* Guarded too closely? Pass the ball to a teammate by pressing the B button.
  But be careful, the other team can intercept the ball.

* Want to swap control to your teammate? On offense, just pass him the ball.
  On defense, press the B button and the arrow will move to the other player.
  (Not used in a 4-player game.)

Now Get Ready To Catch The Magic!


These games are being emulated natively in Javascript. No plug-in is required in your web browser, but the emulator does require a modern web browser. Game speed and emulation only runs as good as your computer or mobile phone. If you have a fast, modern computer these games will run very smoothly.
Sorry, no sound on mobile devices.

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Fastbreak Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Fastbreak in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Fastbreak gameplay. Fastbreak is a classic 1980s NES video game.