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Immortal NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.

The Immortal                                             [NES-E8-USA]

Electronic Arts

The morning sun heats the jagged peaks as you follow the forgotten road
down to the valley floor.  The bleached ruins of great columned temples
and towering citadels rise from the grassy plain like the bones of some
colossal beast.  Surely this was the ancient city of Erinoch, destroyed
by dragon's fire over 1000 years ago.  Mordamir spoke often of this

Mordamir!  Your teacher in the arts of wizardry.  Surely he visited the
fabled Labyrinth of Eternity buried beneath the ruins of Erinoch!
Perhaps this is where you will once again come face to face with your
long lost master...

[How to Begin Your Quest<

1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.

2. Insert your IMMORTAL cartridge into your NES as described in your NES
   control deck manual.

3. Turn the power switch ON.  The title screen will appear, and then you
   can watch a demo of THE IMMORTAL.  When you're ready to play, press
   button A or B.

)Press Button A or B to Start the First Level(

| To start the first level, press button A or B when the box is over END.

* Starting Where You Left Off

There are many levels in the dungeon.  Every time you complete a level,
you'll get a string of numbers and letters called a certificate.  You
can enter a certificate to start where you left off.  See below,
"Restarting a Level."

- REMEMBER! Always Write Down Your Certificates! -

)Using Your Controller(

  Basic Functions

    A, B - Cast fireballs
         - Get out of pit traps
         - Fire Button for special spells

    START - Restart a Level

    SELECT - Go to Wizard's Pack

    Cross - Move

  In the Wizard's Pack

    A, B - Select item in box
    Cross - Move box


    Hold down control pad LEFT or RIGHT ... and press B to slash ...
    or A to duck.  [Press just button B to jab.]

)The Action Begins Immediately!(

| Vitality
| Vitality measures that special spark that keeps you healthy and
| strong.  You lose Vitality whenever monsters or bats inflict damage on
| you.  When your vitality runs out, the wizard dies.

* You Have Three Lives To Get Through Each Level

In each level of the dungeon, you have three lives to complete the
level.  If the wizard dies three times, you have to start over at the
beginning of the level.

)Casting Fireballs(

The labyrinth is a home for vicious vampire bats.  The bats will suck
Vitality from you if you're not careful!  You can protect yourself by
casting fireballs at the bats.  To cast a fireball, press button A or

- Fireballs only affect flying creatures. -

)Looking Through Your Wizard's Pack(

You always have a Wizard's Pack to carry important items.  To look at
the items in your Wizard's Pack, press SELECT.

You can see up to three items at a time - but you may have more than
three items in your pack.  To see any other items in your Wizard's Pack,
hold down control pad UP to select MORE and press button A or B.  When
you're done looking, press button A or B to go back to the action.

  * Pick Up Every Item You Come Across!

  There are no "bad" items in THE IMMORTAL.  Some items can harm you,
  but only when you use them at the wrong time or in the wrong place.
  Always search rooms thoroughly and don't leave any items behind!

)Using an Item From Your Wizard's Pack(

To use an item, press SELECT.  Hold down a direction on the control pad
to move the box to an item, then press button A or B.  Most items can
only be used once and then they're gone - so be careful where you use

  * IMPORTANT! Don't Drop Items You'll Need Later!

  Sometimes you need to set certain items down in order to use them -
  for example, you may use certain GEMS by setting them on the ground.
  But watch out!  If you set an item down in the wrong place, make sure
  you pick it back up before you leave or you won't find it in your
  Wizard's Pack!

)Pausing the Game(

If you need to pause the game, press SELECT to bring up your Wizard's
Pack.  When you're ready to go back to the action, press button A or B.
REMEMBER! You can't pause during combat!

)Beware of Pit Traps!(

You may be surprised when the floor unexpectedly vanishes beneath your
feet and you're left hanging above rows of iron spikes!  Fortunately,
there's always a chance of getting out.  To swing out of a pit trap,
press button A or B =quickly and at a constant pace.= DON'T BE ERRATIC
when you're pressing the button or you'll fall to your doom!

)Climbing Up and Down Ladders(

To get up or down a ladder, just move the wizard up to it - he'll
automatically climb or descend.  Be careful going =down= ladders - move
the wizard only to the side of the opening with the ladder on it or
he'll fall.

)Sleep on the Straw(

Piles of straw provide comfortable, SAFE places to rest.  To sleep, move
onto the straw and just stand there.  After a moment, you'll lie down

)Completing a Level of the Labyrinth(

Whenever you complete a level, you get a certificate.  WRITE DOWN YOUR
IMMORTAL, you'll need the certificate later so you can start on the
level in which you left off.

Press button A or B to begin the next level ... OR quit and start the
next level some other time using the certificate!

  * Only Useful Items Go with You to the Next Level

  Some items only function on a particular level.  Before you descend to
  the next level, the magic of the labyrinth  will remove any items you
  don't need from your Wizard's Pack.

)Restarting a Level(

| Select YES to restart a level.
| Select NO if you change your mind and want to continue where you left
| off.

To restart a level, press START.
If you select YES, you can restart the level you're currently on or you
can go to any other level you have a certificate for.

* Restarting the Level You're Currently On

To restart the level you're currently on, press button A or B when the
box is over END.

* Restarting Another Level

To restart a different level from the one you're currently on, you have
to enter your certificate for that level.  Use the control pad to move
the box to a number or letter, then press button A or B to select it.
Select DEL if you made a mistake and need to delete numbers or letters.
Once you've correctly entered your certificate, move the box to END and
press button A or B.


When a monster attacks, you must fight until one of you wins.  Reduce
the monster's Vitality to zero or you'll lose a life!

)How to Attack(

| Jab                Press button B
| Forehand Slash     Hold down control pad RIGHT / Press button B
| Backhand Slash     Hold down control pad LEFT / Press button B

  * Vary your attack!

  Never do =just= one kind of attack.  Use combinations - jab, backhand
  slash, jab, forehand slash, etc.

)How to Duck(

You can duck your opponent's blows.  The trick is to lean =away from=
the monster's swing so you don't take damage.

| Duck Right         Hold down control pad RIGHT / Press button A
| Duck Left          Hold down control pad LEFT / Press button A

  * Duck to Tire Out Your Opponent

  The more your opponent swings at you, the faster he gets tired and the
  more his fatigue goes up.  But ducking doesn't tire =you= out.  A good
  strategy is to duck your opponent's swings and let his fatigue rise.
  Wait until he's tired before you make your attack.

* Fatigue Slows Down Your Attacks!

As your Fatigue goes up, you slow down.  It takes you longer to swing
when you're tired...and that gives your opponent more chances to hit

| The more you =attack=...
|   ...the more your fatigue goes up!

* Defend Yourself to Lower Your Fatigue

| Not attacking makes your fatigue go down!


* Let =Journey Through Level 1= Guide You

Below you'll find the =Journey Through Level 1,= a step-by-step guide
through the first level of the labyrinth.  Read the guide to get into
the game quickly, then use your wits to finish the adventure.


* Complete the Adventure On Your Own!

You can certainly explore Level 1 without reading further.  However,
here are some general hints that might improve your game:

  . Explore every room thoroughly.
  . Pick up every object you can. Every item in the dungeon has a use.

* The Codex of the Serpent

At the end of this manual you'll find the =Codex of the Serpent,= a
notebook left behind by your lost teacher, Mordamir.  Look through the
=Codex= when you need hints to help you solve a mystery.

[Journey Through Level 1<

You've just entered the labyrinth.  You're standing in the antechamber
of the first level.  You see a skull, a candle, and some strange pits in
the floor.  The only way to know what these things are is to go up and
examine them.

)Approach the Skull and Candle(

An image of Mordamir will appear and speak to you.  Who is Dunric?
Maybe Mordamir mentions him in the =Codex of the Serpent= (the next
section in this manual).

  * Read Every Message You Come Across

  | Messages like this give you important clues that will help you
  | solve the mysteries of THE IMMORTAL.  It's important that you READ
  | EVERY MESSAGE that appears!

* What Are These Strange Squares, Anyway?

Much of the fun of THE IMMORTAL is exploring the labyrinth.  If you want
to know what happens when you use a certain item, go in a certain room,
or stand in an odd place, just try it.

)Go Through the Door(

To go through the door, just move up to it - you'll automatically open
the door and pass through.

  * Not All Doors Are Unlocked

  This door is unlocked, but other doors in the game will be locked.  If
  a door is locked, a message will appear telling you whether you have
  the key or not.  Sometimes you'll have to find a certain key before
  you can open a door.

                                            A chest            |
| A fight in progress!                                         |
|                                           A slain fighter    |
  Watch out for fireballs!      The flame jets are dangerous!   

)Search the Slain Fighter(

A slain fighter is lying in the lower right part of the room.  Go over
and see what useful items he may have dropped.

| Search for possessions.  Hold down control pad RIGHT to highlight YES,
| then press button A or B.

  * Always Search for Items

  You can search for items just by moving the wizard to the area you
  want to search.  If there is anything of interest in the area, a
  message will appear telling you what it is.

| Pick up DUNRIC'S RING.  Hold down control pad RIGHT to highlight YES,
| then press button A or B.

)Help Out a Fellow Human(

There's a scuffle going on in the left part of the room.  A goblin is
attacking a human!  Go help him.

| The goblin won't want you interfering in the fight and will attack
| you.  This is your first combat!

* Remember How to Fight?

| To duck, hold down control pad RIGHT or LEFT and press button A.
| To jab, press button B.

| To slash, hold down control pad RIGHT or LEFT and press button B.

)Talk to the Warrior(

| To talk to the warrior, just move up to him.

The warrior will give you a key you can use to open the chest.

  * Making the Text Scroll Faster

  If you want to make the text scroll faster, hold down button A or B.
  But don't do this the first time you read a message!

)Open the Chest(

Go to the chest in the middle of the room.  The fighter gave you a key,
so you'll have no problem with the lock.  Open the chest and take all
the items in it.

)Exit Through the Upper Door(

)Fight the Two Goblins(

| The first goblin will attack you immediately.  It's combat time
| again!

The lieutenant is guarding the chest and won't attack unless you come
too close.  You need the items in the chest, so approach the lieutenant
and get him to attack.

)Search the Lieutenant(

You'll find a note on the lieutenant's body warning you about shades.

| Read the note.       Search the body.      Take the key.

)Get the Charm Spell from the Chest(

|    Open the chest.     Take the 50 gold pieces.

Pick up the BOTTLE and the CHARM SCROLL before you leave the room.

)Dodge the Poison Arrows(

There's a safe path through part of this room.  The last stretch will
take some artful dodging!

)There Are Pit Traps in This Room!(

| Move along the upper wall and then down the left side to get to the
| other door.

  * Remember How to Get Out of a Pit Trap?

  You need to react quickly when you fall in a pit trap.  The trick is
  to swing out before your staff breaks.  As soon as you fall in, press
  button A or B =quickly but at a constant pace.=

)Pit Traps =and= Shades in the Next Room!(

The pit traps are the =least= of your problems in this dark room.  There
are invisible shades that prey on wizards.  What you need now is some
light so you can see the shades.

* Use a FIREBALL to Light the Torch

| Move until you're up against the upper wall.  Now shoot a fireball to
| light the torch.

| Now you can see the shadows of the shades.  Stay clear of the shades!
| They're deadly!

)Pick UP the AMULET(

| On the left side of the room is an AMULET.  Pick it up and then make
| your escape through the lower door.  Remember, there are pit traps!

)Hold the AMULET Up to the Light(

In the right side of the room a small beam of sunlight is peaking
through a thin crack in the dungeon wall.  Once every 1000 years, the
beam of light falls on the jewel set in the stone floor, which opens a
trap door that leads to the lower levels.  Right now, you'd have to wait
777 years for the light to activate the trap door.

Fortunately, you have something to reflect the light onto the jewel so
that the door will open!

| Move the wizard to the beam of light.

| Press SELECT to bring up your inventory.  Select *amulet*.

| Select YES.

)Don't Read the Runes!(

| Reading the runes is NOT a good idea.  You'll find out why later.

)Go Down the Ladder(

| Now climb down the ladder.  Get ready!  There's one more goblin you
| have to fight before you're done with Level 1!

)Good Luck!(

You're on your own now.  MORDAMIR AWAITS YOU!

- 1. Get items from the slain fighter.
- 2. Help out the fighter.  Defeat the goblin, then talk to the man.
- 3. Get items and treasure from the chest.
- 4. Slay the goblins and search for valuables.  Open the chest, too.
- 5. Avoid poison arrow traps!
- 6. Don't fall into a pit trap!
- 7. Light the torch with a fireball.  Pick up the amulet but keep
     away from the shades and pit traps!
- 8. Hold the amulet up to the light.  Don't read the runes, though.


* Level 1

I, Mordamir, Wizard of the Crimson Keep, wrote these notes to explain
the mysteries of this dark labyrinth.  Today I go forth to explore the
dragon's lair.  I hope my wits are keen enough to escape her cunning
again!  Thus I leave these words for any who come after me.  May they
keep you from an untimely end in this forsaken place!

| Dunric - my faithful student in the art of wizardry - will be the
| first to come looking for me.  He's often accompanied by Erek, a
| fighter.

| Ulindor, my servant and bodyguard.

Upper levels - a tribe of primitive creatures known as goblins.  Hostile
to strangers, but seem to possess reason, intelligence, some ingenuity
with tools.

The tribe goes by the name of Druul.  Their king is Gresh the Wise.

The goblins are currently at war with a more hostile and powerful tribe
of creatures known as trolls.  Both sides desperately seek control over
the upper levels of the dungeon.  Perhaps a show of force would convince
one of them that wizards make better friends than foes...

| A safe path past the arrows.  I got this far before I set off the
| trap.

| Danger! Pit traps

In the dark room that follows are deadly creatures, invisible to the
eye.  Only their shadows can be seen in the light.  Keep a torch lit and
watch their movements carefully.  They move quickly!

There are pit traps in this room as well.

  Riddle of the Sun

  Deep in immortal Dragon's Lair
  Once in one Millenium
  The Portal opens to the Stair
  When a single Gem greets the Sun

Mechanism tripped every thousand years by light.

Something shiny...

* Level 2

"...After two days of bitter combat, Arinar the Elven Lord escaped the
enemy, but through his veins ran a fatal poison, drawn from the keen
edge of the Shadowlord's blade.  Arinar fled over the high mountains to
the ruined city of Erinoch, where he entered the Labyrinth in search of
the fabled Water, said by many to heal even the deepest wounds.

"Deep in the chilly caverns of the forgotten Labyrinth, the Elven Lord
searched desperately for the Fountain, slaying the evil minions that
dwell in that dark place with Solondul, a sword of great might.  But on
the second day, foul slime creatures caught Arinar off guard and
stripped the flesh from his body.  To this day his bones and sword lay
there still..."

Legends have told of wayfarers being attacked by Will O' The Wisps.  I
reckoned such stories were the products of childish imaginations, but
now I have seen these hateful creatures with my very eyes.  I know
little of their nature... Are they intelligent?  Perhaps they are
disembodied spirits of some sort, or maybe creatures of the elements.
In any case, they are extremely dangerous - they despise the living and
eagerly attack mortal flesh.

Maybe I can devise a spell to bring them under my control...

Spores.  The goblins sometimes use them as a kind of weapon.  When
planted in soft dirt, these spores produce mushrooms that grow to waist
height in a matter of seconds.  The full grown mushrooms immediately
fire more spores in a radius of 30 feet.  The spores, it must be added,
are deadly to humans, goblins, and trolls.  The goblins typically carry
them in sacks to protect themselves.

Can be recognized by their strong, sickening smell.

Years ago, when sorcerer's towers stretched toward the heavens and the
Halls of Wizardry protected the knowledge of the spheres, the city of
Erinoch had need of locksmiths.  The most cunning locksmith, I recall,
was a dwarf by the name of Lindli.  His locks never involved anything as
boring as a simple lock and key.  Lindli's mechanisms required the
unusual - finely crafted gems, beams of light, paces around an object...

Lindli prospered while serving the wizards of Erinoch.  But when the
dragon came over 1000 years ago, his house was destroyed and his family
perished in the flames.  Lindli went quite mad after seeing the beast
devastate his dreams, and he cursed the wizards who unleashed the
dragon's wrath.  He vowed to seal off the labyrinth forever so that men
would no longer seek the Water...

The magic dust can be thrown to make an irritable old fool your friend.

The gems must be dropped in the holes.  Gresh the Wise, King of the
Goblins, knows the combination.  One must defeat him before he'll

* Level 3

Only the fierce might of an angry dragon could split the earth and form
this deep chasm.  The crack cannot be crossed by rope - the brisk winds
rising from the dragon's lair make it too dangerous!  The only way
across is a magic gate - a teleport mechanism - hidden in one of the
rooms below.  The shaft of light on the other side is where the magic
gate leads.

Trolls, The Shindrak, as they call themselves, rule much of the lower
levels.  For the most part, they are stupid and quick-tempered - some-
thing to take advantage of.

A troll will throw his ritual knife only when he wants to challenge
another troll to combat.  It would be good to throw the ritual knife in
a room with two trolls.

Proteus, a god of the sea, was a master shape-changer who could travel
disguised as fire and wild boars.  This ring was forged by Proteus when
the earth was young.  It allows the wearer to take on the form of a
goblin.  Beware!  The wearer must keep his distance from others or the
illusion will be dispelled - and some are too wise to believe its

Troll bomb.  One whiff of these devices and trolls are paralyzed.

Red gems look best in green light.

* Level 4

When Dunric interfered with the trolls' battle against the goblins, they
kidnapped his daughter, Ana, and dragged her into the labyrinth.  As she
possesses some of her father's skill in sorcery, she had no trouble
escaping the trolls.  But on her way out, she lost a special ring given
to her by her father.

Some rings are never worn on the body.

* Level 5

Many mice but fewer men can pass through a crack in the wall.  A
merchant might sell you the means.

The potion transforms and poisons you at the same time.  You will
benefit from its power to shrink you, but you must find Water and drink
it soon afterward or you'll never live past the hour.

Worm sensor.  The faster it chimes, the greater your danger.

The weight of one will open the way.  Set down food and a flying lizard
could hold the door.

* Level 6

The goblins crave the Water as much as men, but a horrid water creature
guards the way!  If the water monster were distracted long enough, the
goblins could open a gate and the creature would be washed away into the
deepest underground sea.  Only a wizard, adept at sailing, stands a
chance of distracting the monster and making his escape.

This is the final step before entering the dragon's whatever
you must to help the goblins open the way.  Your journey is almost
complex - perhaps we will stand together against the dragon!

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Immortal Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Immortal in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Immortal gameplay. Immortal is a classic 1980s NES video game.