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Kirbys Adventure NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.



Kirby's Adventure (tm)

Instruction booklet


                         A crisis in Dream Land!

                                         Light years away, .......

... on a tiny star not visible from Earth, is the magical, peaceful place
known as Dream Land. The beings that inhabit this wondrous world live in a
blissful existence that centers on eating, sleeping and playing. An example
of their care-free customs include the traditional after-lunch feast nap.
After they awaken from their nap, the Dream Landers discuss their dreams and
fervently hope that each other's fondest wishes come true.

One day, a young Dream Lander named Kirby awoke from his after-lunch nap feel-
ing terrible. "What happened?" he wondered to himself. "I didn't have any
dreams during my lunch nap!" This lack of dreams left Kirby feeling very un-
easy. After talking to some of his friends, he found that the problem was much
more serious than he had thought, for they had not experienced any dreams
either! "Something must have happened to the Dream Spring!" they exclaimed in

The Dream Spring is a magical well that is a reservoir for all the dreams of
the inhabitants of Dream Land. Dreams also flow out of the Dream Spring and
envelop Dream Land, granting all sleeping beings enjoyable dreams.

Legends told that the Dream Spring was created by a magical artifact known as
the Star Rod. The sparkling star on the tip of this scepter was an actual
fragment of a star that had landed in Dream Land in the distant past. The Star
Rod now provided energy to the Dream Spring and served as the very symbol of
Dream Land.

The lack of dreams made everyone in Dream Land feel restless and irritable.
The joyful laughter that had once resounded throughout Dream Land could no
longer be heard at all. Things were bleak. Kirby, the roly-poly hero of Dream
Land, boldly announced his intention to investigate the Dream Spring and find
the cause of all the trouble.

Upon reaching the Dream Spring, who did he find but King Dedede, bathing in 
its magical waters! In the past (see Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy(r)), King
Dedede had caused mischief in Dream Land by stealing all the Dream Landers'
food and Sparkling Stars. Now, in the middle of the Dream Spring, in place of
the Star Rod, sat Dedede, covered with bubble bath.

"So, you're up to your old tricks again, eh, Dedede?!" accused Kirby.

"What are you talking about, young pudge ball?" Dedede looked surprised. "I
thought I'd do everyone a favor by..."

"No, no no!" Kirby shook his head. "I won't listen to your tricks! What have
you done with the Star Rod?!"

"Oh, that old thing," Dedede said nonchalantly. "I broke it into seven pieces
and gave each piece to one of my friends..."

"What was Dedede thinking?!" Kirby wondered. Before hearing any more of what
Dedede had to say, Kirby set off on the long trek to gather the pieces of the
Star Rod and return them to the Dream Spring. Hopefully, he could return the
sparkly to the Dream Spring so that the people of Dream Land could again enjoy
their happy midday naps.


How to use the controller

Left, Right: Walk, run (press twice)
Up: fly, enter doors
Down: squat, swallow, slide (+A button or +B button)
Select: Drop enemy's ability.
Start: Pause - interrupts game
B: Inhale, puff out
A: jump, swim


Getting started

Correctly insert the cartridge into the Nintendo Entertainment System. Turn
the power of the NES "ON" to hear the start-up music and see the title screen.
(If you do nothing on the title screen, the game will go into an automatic
demonstration of game play.)

Press the Start button at the title screen to make the game begin. (If you
press the Start button during the startup melody or during the demo, the
screen will immediately change to the title screen.)

The start of your adventure

At the beginning of the game, the map shown to the right will appear on the
screen. This map shows how Kirby has progressed through the levels of the game.
Doors on this map lead to the action!


Map screen

There are seven levels in Kirby's Adventure, and each has its own map screen.
Each map screen has only one door visible at first. This door leads to an
action sequence, or 'stage'. Press the Up arrow to enter the stage.

When you have cleared a stage, the map will unfold and additional doors to 
other stages or bonus games will be revealed. Each level has several stages,
and at the end of the final stage you will find one of King Dedede's friends,
who has a piece of the Star Rod. If you defeat Dedede's pal, you can get the
Star Rod piece and advance to the next level. Remember, you must gather all
seven pieces of the Star Rod to restore the Dream Spring.

You can try your luck at stages you have already cleared as many times as you

* The stages you have cleared are indicated by a flag. If the door to a stage
  is brown after you have completed it, that means you missed some secret items
  in the stage.


Instruction screen

If you press the Start button while you are on a game play screen, the game
will pause and you will see an explanation of the special ability currently
owned by Kirby. If you press the Start button again, you will return to the
game. If you are in a stage you have already cleared, you must select either
Continue or Exit Stage. If you select Continue, you will return to the game
play screen where you left off. If you select Exit Stage, you will return to
the level map screen.

* Warp Stage - If you trigger secret switches hidden in some stages, the warp
  stage will appear on the map screen. If you enter it, the screen shown 
  below will appear, and you will be able to warp to a different level.


How to make Kirby move

Kirby can move in a variety of ways! At first you may be bewildered by the
great variety of things Kirby can do. However, as you get used to Kirby's
many tricks, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to make Kirby move. Let's
learn about his moves and return peace to Dream Land as soon as possible!

Walk/run - If you press the Left and Right arrows on the Control Pad when
Kirby is on land, you can make him walk normally. Quickly press the Left or
Right arrow on the Control Pad twice, and hold the arrow button, and Kirby
will run in the direction that you are pressing. (If you take your finger off
the Control Pad, Kirby will stop.)

If you press the Control Pad in the direction opposite Kirby's movement, he
will skid to a halt.

Squat - Press the Down arrow on the Control Pad to make Kirby squat. He can
avoid some enemy attacks this way.

Jump - Press the A button to make Kirby jump. If you press the A button while
Kirby is walking, he will jump a long way. If Kirby is running he can jump
even farther.

Sliding - Press the A or B button while Kirby is squatting to make him slide
and knock out the enemy.

Go up/down/enter doors - If you press the Up or Down arrows of the Control Pad
at stairs or places with ladders, Kirby can go up or down them. Also, if you
press the Up arrow on the Control Pad when Kirby is standing in front of a
door, he will enter the door.

Fly/hover - Press the Up arrow on the Control Pad when Kirby is in "Normal"
form and he will puff up and float into the sky. Pressing the A button while
Kirby is puffed up will cause him to flap his arms and fly to the top of the

Air pellets - If you press the B button while Kirby is puffed up, he will
shoot an air pellet. He can attack some enemies with these air pellets. Shoot-
int an air pellet causes Kirby to exhale, and he will fall from the sky.
However, if you press Up on the Control Pad, Kirby will take another gulp of
air and start flying again. Air pellets won't hurt some enemies!



Press the B button when Kirby is near an enemy or a block and he will inhale
the object in one gulp! (Some enemies cannot be eaten.)


* What's in Kirby's Mouth?

Puff out - If you press the B button again when Kirby has an enemy or block in
his mouth, Kirby will puff out the object in the form of a star. This star can
knock out an enemy or break down another block.

If Kirby has inhaled two or more enemies, he will exhale multiple stars.

Swallow - If you press the Down arrow of the Control Pad when Kirby has 
inhaled an enemy or block, he will swallow whatever is in his mouth. If Kirby
swallows an enemy that has a special ability, Kirby will steal that enemy's
ability (see below).


In the water

Swim - Though Kirby cannot squat, float or fly in water, you can make him swim
by pressing the A button.

Water gun - Kirby cannot inhale or exhale enemies while underwater. However,
you can make him puff a waterspout to attack enemies by pressing the B button.

* You can also attack enemies from above! If Kirby falls down from a high
  place and crashes into an enemy below him, the enemy will take damage.


Let's steal the enemies' abilities!

There are more than 20 enemies that have special abilities! If Kirby swallows
these enemies, he can steal their special ability. By pressing the B button,
Kirby can use the special ability of the enemy he swallowed. For example, if
Kirby inhales an enemy and presses Down on the Control pad.. Kirby will
flicker.. and copy the enemy's power!

Kirby will lose his special ability when an enemy hits him or if you press the
Select button. In both cases he will return to a normal state. However, if
Kirby inhales and swallows the star that appears when he loses his special
ability, he will regain the power.

Limitations on Stealing an Enemy's Ability
* Kirby cannot swallow an enemy when he already has a special ability.
* When Kirby can impersonate an enemy, he will change from his usual pink
  color to a lighter peach color.
* A box at the bottom of the screen displays Kirby's current ability.
* Some of the abilities that Kirby can impersonate have time limits or a set
  number of times they can be used.
* Some enemies have no special abilities to copy.
* When Kirby swallows two or more enemies simultaneously, he will sometimes
  get an unexpected special ability. Try to think of how you might combine
  special abilities.


Screen layout

The displays at the bottom of the screen are as follows:

Kirby's Vitality: At the start of the game, Kirby has six vitality bars. When
an enemy hits him, these bars disappear one by one. When all of the bars are
gone, the number of lives Kirby has left will decrease by one.

Special Ability Status - When Kirby is in a normal form, NORMAL is displayed
here. If he can use a special ability, the ability is displayed here.

Ability Limit: If Kirby takes a special ability that has a limited number of
uses, a number will be shown here.

Remaining Lives: This number tells how many lives Kirby has remaining. When 
this number is zero, it's the end of Kirby and the end of the game.


Fighting Dedede's Friends

Dedede's friends are the "boss characters" of this game. Their strength meter
is shown instead of your score when you fight against them.

When you clear a stage...

Each time you clear a stage, the screen shown on the right will appear. Time
your jump off the platform (press the A button) to make Kirby jump as high as

If you time your jump perfectly, you can make Kirby jump to the highest cloud
where you will be rewarded with an extra life (1-up).


Bonus games

In each level, there are several bonus games in which you can increase the
number of lives you have remaining. There are three different games. Try your
best to increase the number of lives you have remaining! The number of stars
shown on the bonus game instruction screen indicates the difficulty level of
the game.

Game A - Quick draw Kirby

In this bonus game, Kirby becomes a gunslinger and has a quick draw contest
versus an enemy gunman. When the enemy draws his weapon, press the A button
as fast as you can! If you press the A button before the enemy touches his
gun, that's cheating! The number of bonus points you earn increases depending
on the number of enemies you bop down.

Game B - Egg catcher

The object of this game is to skillfully eat the eggs that King Dedede tosses
at Kirby! If Kirby eats a bomb, however, that's the end of Kirby and of the
bonus game! To open Kirby's mouth, press the A button. To close Kirby's mouth,
release the A button. The number of extra lives awarded will depend on how 
many eggs Kirby eats.

Game C - Crane fever

This is a stuffed toy catching game that everyone is familiar with. You simply
use the crane to pick up a Kirby doll. The crane will more sideways as you
press the A button and will stop automatically when you release the A button.
The crane will then move down to pick up whatever is under it. Small Kirby
dolls give you one extra life, but big Kirby dolls give you two extras!


How to continue and save games

How to continue

When Kirby loses his last life, the game is over. On the final screen, select
either CONTINUE (to continue from the level where Kirby lost his last life)
or GAME END (to start at the beginning again).

How to save games

The Kirby's Adventure game pak can save up to three data files that contain
your progress. The game will automatically save after you clear a stage. When
you return to the game later after having played a few stages, you can pick 
up from where you left off by selecting the file you used the last time you
started the game. If you want to delete the saved file, select Delete and 
choose the file you want to delete. Then answer Yes to the question "Are you
sure?" All data in the file will be erased and you will start at the begin-
ning if you use this file. When you turn the power off, make sure that you
press and hold the Reset button to protect the saved data. If you press the
Power switch repeatedly, press Reset unnecessarily, or remove the game pak
with the power still on, you may lose some game data.


Power packed items!

Many useful items have been scattered throughout the different stages. Try to
pick up these items, as they will give you a big advantage in your quest to
find the Star Rod pieces!

Maxim Tomatoes - Kirby just loves to eat these bright red tomatoes! They 
restore his vitality completely!

Pep Drinks - Though not as potent as tomatoes, this drink nevertheless
restores Kirby's strength a little.

Candy - Kirby will be invincible for a short time after he picks up this 
candy. However, the magic of the candy will not protect him from a fall into
a hole.

1-up - This will increase the number of extra lives Kirby has remaining.

Warp Star - This object does not Kirby any special rewards, but it will trans-
port him to a new part of the stage. The warp star also appears in the warp
stage (see above).

Star Rod - When Kirby defeats Dedede's friend at the end of each level, he
can clear that level by picking up the piece of the Star Rod. He must gather
all seven pieces of the Star Rod in order to return peace to Dream Land.


A whole new world!

Level 1 - Vegetable Valley

It's easy to learn the basics of Kirby's Adventure in the relatively tame
Vegetable Valley. The boss of this introductory level, Wispy Woods, should be
familiar to you from Kirby's earlier adventures!

Level 2 - Ice Cream Island

Since the small islands in this level are surrounded by the sea, the key to
success here is skillful swimming! You can also look forward to running into
many new enemies with new special abilities for you to steal in this level!

Level 3 - Butter Building

It's a long and adventurous climb to the top of the Butter Building tower!
Your reward is a challenging battle against two of Dedede's toughest baddies
on the top floor!

Level 4 - Grape Garden

From the top of the Butter Building, you can reach the huge Grape Garden in 
the clouds. High-flying action is the order of the day, as the enemies here
are accustomed to aerial attacks from their lives in the pleasant, fluffy

Level 5 - Yogurt Yard

Just when you thought you'd reached the top of this world, you'll find your-
self hurled down into the heart of a maze of mountain-piercing caverns!

Level 6 - Orange Ocean

If you didn't get sea-sick in Ice Cream Island, you had better hold your 
breath for this level! Set sail for adventure through a world with a nautical
theme inhabited by some of the toughest enemies you've met yet!

And finally, Level 7

Welcome to Rainbow Resort!


power-puffing hints and tips

* If you think it will be too tough to continue with your current vitality
  level, check out the Museum or Arena. Remember that you will have to fight
  for your power-up in the Arena, so be careful!
* The game pak will automatically save the level you have reached, but it will
  not save the number of lives you have, your special ability, score or
  remaining vitality.
* You will lose your special ability when an enemy damages you. If there is a
  limit to the number of times you can use an enemy's ability, it is better to
  use up the special ability than to lose it to an enemy attack!
* Medium-sized bosses can be inhaled after you have reduced their vitality
* If there is an obstacle that obstructs your path, try sliding into it.
* Even though you have finished the game and seen the ending ,if there are
  still brown doors on the level map, you have not found everything in the
  game. Turn those doors white and see what happens!


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Kirbysadventure Arcade Game Emulated on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Play Kirbysadventure in your web browser or mobile phone. This NES emulator provides very accurate Kirbysadventure gameplay. Kirbysadventure is a classic 1980s NES video game.