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Ninja Gaiden 2 – The Dark Sword Of Chaos NES Video Game

Free Online Web Browser NES Game Play. This NES emulator supports mobile touch devices (i.e Iphone). Complete instructions and keyboard controls towards bottom of the page.

Click ‘Enter’ Key to Start Game. Main keyboard buttons are X and Z.

Click Game Window Size Button to Zoom Game Size between default, 1.5X and 2X

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Keyboard Controls
Gamepad Button Player 1
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up Up Arrow
Down Down Arrow
Start/Pause Enter
Select Ctrl

Click on the game window and hit the ENTER key to start the game (you might have to hit start twice) . On a computer you can click the Game Window Size button to rotate between default, 1.5X and 2.X game window size. On mobile phones and Iphone use the gameplay control buttons shown on your screen (only on mobile) to play and start the game. If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need additional gameplay instructions. If you really need help or instructions playing this game, we have the The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide from 1987 to help you out.

This is the manual to the NES game.....

Ninja Gaiden II: the Dark Sword of Chaos (from Tecmo)

[The Story]___________________________________________________________________

In order to avenge his father's death, Ryu had come to America, where he was
suddenly attacked by a mysterious army.  After escaping from a narrow brush
with death, Ryu came face to face with a mysterious woman.  Fire came shooting
out of the shining gun in her hand, and suddenly everything in front on Ryu
began to grow hazy.

Waking up in an underground dungeon, Ryu was handed a strange statue by the
same woman, who told him to take it and make his escape.  Without fully
understanding what was going on around him, Ryu took the statue and made his
way out of the enemy territory.

                                                                      [Page 3]

Ryu then went to see Dr. Smith, an archaeologist friend of his father, and
learned about the light and dark statues of an evil demon.  Just as they were
talking, the dark statue was snatched away by an enemy ninja.  "Ryu, go after

After retrieving the statue, he returned to Dr. Smith's cabin only to find the
doctor lying on the floor, mortally wounded.  Just before he died, the doctor
whispered, "Ryu, now the light statue has been taken..."  When Ryu looked up
from Dr. Smith's side he found that he was surrounded by a band of men dressed
in black from head to foot.  They were all pointing there guns at him.

                                                                      [Page 4]

These men took Ryu to a secret CIA base and to the office of Chief Foster,
Foster explained to Ryu that the mysterious woman, Irene, was really a spy for
the CIA, and told him about Jaquio's plans and about his Temple of Darkness.
Foster then forced Ryu to take on the perilous mission of recovering the
stolen light statue of the evil demon.

Ryu made his way toward the Temple of Darkness located deep in the Amazon
jungle.  But Jaquio, who was holding Irene hostage in the temple, blackmailed
Ryu into giving up the dark statue of the demon that he had been carrying and
dumped Ryu down into an underground cave.

                                                                      [Page 5]

Ryu was finally able to escape from the cave, but as he climbed over the last
cliff, he came face to face with the villain who had killer his father, Bloody
Malth.  Malth had been waiting for him.  Ryu and Malth duelled to the death.
With his last breath, Malth gave Ryu some unexpected news: "Your father is

A masked demon was waiting inside the shrine to fight off Ryu's attack.  Ryu
shouted, "Nobody can beat me!"  But the eerie voice of Jaquio thundered the
question, "Not even your own father?"  The masked demon was really Ryu's
father Ken who had been put under some kind of trance.

                                                                      [Page 6]

Finally freed from Jaquio's evil control, Ken came to his senses only to find
that Jaquio was about to kill Ryu.  Ken threw himself in front of Ryu, and
acted as a shield to protect his son from the balls of fire.  Realizing what
had happened, Ryu went mad with rage and charged at Jaquio.

After defeating Jaquio, Ryu rushed back to his father's side.  His father
instructed him to take the light and dark statues of the evil demon out of the
temple.  But just as Ken was gasping this message to his son, the moon began
to grow in the darkness.  The moon, blackened by the earth's shadow, was
beginning to bring the evil demon back to life.

                                                                      [Page 7]

But the evil demon was finally defeated, adn the temple crumbled upon itself
with a deafening roar.  Ryu and Irene looked out upon the ruins of the temple.
The morning sun shone down upon them and cleared up the deep sense of darkness
and evil that had once hovered in the air.

A year has passed, and still the activity down at the bottom of the realm of
darkness continues.  Ashtar, the evil lord who secretly controls Jaquio, is
now on the move.

                                                                      [Page 8]

[The Display Section]_________________________________________________________

          1. Score--\     2.Stage\     4. Number of Players left
                      \            \               /
             SCORE - 013600  STAGE - 3 - 3  P - 2/
3. Timer---- TIMER - 079 [ ] NINJA - *********OOO --- 7. Ryu's strength meter
             * - 028/030 [ ] ENEMY - *******OOOOO
                  |       |                      \
          5. Ninja Power  6. Power boosting items  \ 8.The enemy boss's
                                                       strength meter

1. Your present score is displayed here.  You get an extra player for every
   100,000 points you score.
2. The number of the present stage is displayed here.
3. When the timer reaches zero you lose one of your players.
4. When the number of your players reaches zero the game is over.
5. Your ninja power is displayed here.  The left side shows your present power
   level, and the right side shows the maximum level possible.
6. The variety of power boosting items that you can use are displayed here.
7. Your player's strength is displayed here.  Every time your player is
   injured you lose some power, and when this value reaches zero you lose one
8. The enemy boss's strength is displayed here.  Every time you injure the
   enemy he loses some power.  When this value reaches zero you have defeated
   one enemy boss.

                                                                      [Page 9]

[Names of Controller Parts]___________________________________________________


             Control Cross
          ³³       |         ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ    |------------------B Button
          ³³     ÚÄÄÄ¿       ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿    | Nintendo      ³³
          ³³     ³  ³       ³ SELECT  START  ³    |               ³³
          ³³ ÚÄÄÄÙ   ÀÄÄÄ¿   ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ    |B       A      ³³
          ³³ ³ <   O   > ³   ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿  ÚÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄ¿   ³³
          ³³ ÀÄÄÄ¿   ÚÄÄÄÙ   ³ ÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛ ³  ³ÛÛÛÛÛ³ ³ÛÛÛÛÛ³------A Button
          ³³     ³  ³       ÀÄÄÄÄ|ÄÄÄÄÄÄ|ÄÄÄÄÙ  ÀÄÄÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÙ   ³³
          ³³     ÀÄÄÄÙ       ÚÄÄÄÄ|ÄÄÄÄÄÄ|ÄÄÄÄ¿                    ³³
                                  |      |
                    Select Button-|      |-Start Button

* Press to start
* Becomes (pause) button when a game is in play
* Press to skip Cinema Display
* Not Used
* Controls the Ninja's direction
* Jump button for Ninja
* Controls sword thrust.

                                                                     [Page 10]

[Operations for Ryu]__________________________________________________________

                     |            ^            |
 <- or ->            V            |            V
    RUN            CROUCH       CLIMB        CLIMB
                                  UP          DOWN

You can jump up in the air to grab onto a wall or ladder.  Also, by moving the
Control Corss up and down, you can climb up and down walls and ladders.

A jump by kicking-off the wall
When you are holding onto a wall or ladder, you can press the Control Cross in
the opposite direction that your playe is facing and press A button to make a
jumo by kicking-off the wall.

Attacking from the wall
When you are holding onto a wall or a ladder, you can only attack with the
power boosting items that you have in your possession.  To make an attack with
one of your power boosts, press the Control Cross to the left or right and
then press the B button, and the item will go in the direction you have chosen
with the Control Cross.

* If you press the B button without setting the direction with the Control
Cross, the itme will fly in the direction that your player is facing.

                                                                     [Page 11]

[Techniques for a Sure Victory]_______________________________________________

Split your body for multiple attack
Ryu has the power to split his body into three.  The extra images that he
makes by splitting his body will stop right in mid-air after he jumps down
from any high place.  Use this special technique to attack enemies that fly
toward you.  This technique is especially effective when you are attacking the
boss of the third stage.  By causing Ryu's body to split, you can also use the
extra images to attack the enemies that come at Ryu from both sides at once.

Make effective use of the fire wheel
When you perform the invincible fire wheel, a wheel of fire will come flying
from the bottom of the screen toward Ryu.  You can injure your enemy when the
wheel of fire comes fluing at Ryu making sure that the enemy is caught between
Ryu and the fire wheel, as shown in the picture.

                                                                     [Page 12]

Use a swift kick-off jump from the wall to get out of tight pinches
When you can't jump all the way across a chasm, or if you have taken a wrong
step, you might wind up in a position like the one show in the picture.  It's
very difficult to escape once you have gotten into this position.  But you can
make use of this special technique.  Climb up to the top of the wall and make
a kick-off jump from the wall.  Move the Control Cross quickly in the opposite
direction, while holding down the A button, and you will be able to jump high
up into the air.  Keep practicing this technique until you are sure you have
mastered it.

Eliminate you enemies with the windmill throwing star
Throw the windmill throwing star, then jump up into the air so that the
throwing star win't come around and hit Ryu, and the windmill throwing star
will keep flying around the screen  continuously.  You can defeat many of your
enemies with only a little  reserve of Ninja power by using this technique.
Use this throwing star carefully, however, because if you throw it off the
screen it will disappear.

                                                                     [Page 13]

[The Items]___________________________________________________________________

Cut the dragon spirit ball and an item will appear.  Use the items to your
advantage as you fight through the many battles.

Ninja power
Ryu needs this special power when he wants to use Ninjutsu fighting 
techniques.  Get this item and your power will be increased.  There are blue 
and red varieties.  A blue is worth ten points, and a red one will build your 
ninja power up to its maximum level all at once.

The Scroll of the Spiritof the Dragon
Get this item and the maximum level of Ryu's ninja power will go up.

                                                                     [Page 14]

Splitting your body
Get this item and up to two extra players will appear to join Ryu in his
battle and back him up.

Medicine for recovery
This item will help to relieve some of Ryu's exhaustion from fighting in so
many battles.  Get this item and the amount on Ryu's strength meter will be
increased by six times.

This item will increase your number of player by one.  Be sure to try and get
this item if you can.

There are blue and red bonuses.  1,000 point will be added to your score with
a blue bonus, and 2,000 points with a red one.

                                                                     [Page 15]

[Power Boosting Items]________________________________________________________

You can get various power boosting items and usethem to build up your power.
Using the power boosting items, however, will use up some of your ninja power.
All of the power boosting items are used by moving the Control Cross upwards
and pressing the B button.

* The numbers in the parentheses show how much of your ninja power is used.

Throwing Star (5 points)
This is one of the basic weapons in the world of Ninjutsu.  Throw this
throwing star and it will fly in a straight direction that your player is
facing abd injure the enemy when it hits.

Windwill Throwing Star (10 points)
This throwing star will cut right through your enemy and keep on flying to the
edge of teh screen.  When it reaches the edge it will come flying back.  This
weapon will injure every enemy that it touches.

                                                                     [Page 16]

The Art Of The Fire Wheel (8 points)
After long training, Ryu developed this secret skill.  With this skill he can
throw fire wheel at his foes and burn them up.

Fire Dragon Balls (8 points)
Only warrior who possess the Dragon Sword are allowed to use this skill.  Use
this skill to transform the power that is contained in the sword into balls
full of electric power, and then throw these balls at the enemy.

Invincible Fire Wheel (15 points)
Ryu can make flames appear out of nowhere, make them whirl around his own body
and then use them to cause fatal injuries to his enemies.   While he is using
this fighting skill, for four seconds only, Ryu becomes invincible.  However,
this power of invincibility will not work when you have other items in your

                                                                     [Page 17]


Ryu Hayabusa
Ryu was born in the House of Hayabusa which is a branch of the Dragon Clan.
Once before, Ryu was engaged in a fierce batter with Jaquio over the statues
of the evil demon, and was able to come out the victor only after a very
difficult battle.  Ryu is known as the "Ninja Dragon" and he is in possession
of the secret "Dragon Sword."

Irene Lew
Irene is one of the CIA's top secret agents.  She ffirst met Ryu a year ago,
when they were both trying to defeat Jaquio.  After their their their battle
with Jaquio ended, she was assigned to a new top secret mission.

                                                                     [Page 18]

Robert T.S.
This mysterious man, whom Ryu meets during the game, wants to use Dragon Sword
together with Ryu.  What could his motive possibly be?

Ashtar -- the evil lord
Ashtar, the leader of the Demon clan, is planning to bring back the Sword of
Chaos and open the "Gate of Darkness."  By using the underworld power that
comes from the Gat of Darkness, Ashtar is scheming to gain absolut power and
rule over the world.

                                                                     [Page 19]

[The Demon Clan]______________________________________________________________

Dando -- the cursed
Ashtar gathered up the wandering spirits of the Vikings, ancient warriors who
were lost in sea battles, and gave them new life as monster under his control.
He is especially skilled in hand to hand combat.

Baron Spider
One of the scientists at the Xabil Biological Resaerch Institute was working
on research into a new species of spider when he was bitten by one.  As a
result of this bite, the scientist was transformed into a creature that is
half spider and half man.  When this strange being comes on the attack, he can
jump gracefully through the air and control his pet monster spiders just as if
they were his own hands and feet.

                                                                     [Page 20]

Funky Dynamite
This cybord was created based upon the giant commodore lizard.  This creature
is equipped with a high output propulsion mechanism and has fantastic
mobility.  It also has a fire bomb which it uses as a weapon when attacking.

Naga Sotuva -- the underworld water dragon
From ancient times, this dinosaur has been living in the waters of the under-
world.  He attacks Ryu with his huge claws.

                                                                     [Page 21]


Even though Ryu has used up all of his energy and can't go on any longer, you
still have another chance to get the enemy.  Resolve to win the next battle,
and then press start button to continue playinf from the beginning of the
stage where Ryu was defeated.


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