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Motor Psycho Atari 7800 Video Game

(Arrow Keys to Move, Z to start game, Main Button = X key, Secondary Button = Z key)

Instructions and Game Controls


Z key to Start game
On some Shooting Games you may use your mouse to move and fire.


                         ATARI(r) 7800(tm) Game Manual


Rev 'er Up!

You finished it at last!  And now you are going crazy waiting to test your 
sleek, hot, fast customized bike.  It absorbs your every waking moment, you 
dream about it every night.  It has become an obsession.  And you know just the
place to try it out.

The annual MotorPsycho Competition (for deranged, psychopathic, and other 
unusual biker types) is this weekend!  Its obstacle-laden course is legendary 
among motorcycle maniacs.  Of course, nobody in their right mind would attempt 
this course.  The die-hard spectators remind you that fan is short for fanatic.
They've staked out their favorite spots to view the races, and they are waiting
for the roar of revving engines, the squeal of tires, the crunch of metal...

It's you against the clock and your bike is built for speed.  All you need to do
is point it in the right direction and go for it!

Four different tracks will separate the veterans from the rookies.  (Or the 
schizophrenics from the psychotics.)  Weekend amateurs will eat your dust, but 
you've got some pretty insane competition from your fellow, uh, pros.  Some of 
these guys look hungry for the sweet taste of victory, but some of them look 
hungry for the taste of raw meat!

So rev 'er up and let 'er rip!  The winner's circle (or the guy with the clean 
white coat) awaits.

Getting Started

1.  With your 7800 game system switched off, insert the MotorPsycho cartridge 
    into the cartridge slot as described in your owner's manual.

2.  Connect a controller to the left controller port.  Connect a controller to 
    the right port to allow you to set your motorcycle's response time to the 
    following commands:  going into a turn, and returning to an upright position
    after a turn.  (See Setting Response Controls.)

3.  Press the POWER button on your console and switch on your TV.  The 
    MotorPsycho title screen displays.

4.  Press SELECT to choose one of the four tracks.

5.  To begin the game, press the fire button.

During game play, you may start the game over by pressing RESET.

Playing the Game

MotorPsycho is a fast and frenzied motorcycle racing game.  The object of the 
game is to race through any of four motorcycle tracks as possible while earning
the maximum number of points.  

Use the controller to maneuver your cycle and change gears.  To shift to high 
gear, push the directional control forward.  To shift to low gear, pull the 
control back.  Press the right fire button to jump.  You can't brake, so be very
careful with those daredevil maneuvers!  At the end of the game, your score and
high score are displayed at the top of the screen.

Hold down the left fire button to accelerate.  Downshift from high to low gear 
to lower your speed quickly.

During play, a control panel displays the following information at the top of
the screen:

   Elapsed Time                             Straighten Response Time
        |                                              |
        V                                              V

      3:09:25                                    STRAIGHTEN:  22
      122 MPH          TIME:  43        Lo             TURN:  10

       ^                   ^            ^                ^
       |                   |            |                |
     Speed          Time Remaining   Low/High      Turn Response
                                       Gear            Time

Setting Response Controls

Follow these instructions to use the right controller to set your motorcycle's 
response time:

1.  Set the A/B switch next to the left controller port to B.  B is the position
    to the right.  The Control Parameters Table with default settings displays 
    in place of the Score/High Scores box.

2.  Use the right joystick to set response times.  To set the Straighten 
    response time, move the right controller up or down until the desired number
    displays.  (1 is the slowest response time, 25 is the fastest.)  To set the 
    Turn response time, move the right controller right or left until the 
    desired number displays.  (1 is the slowest response time, 12 is the 

    Straighten time is the length of time it takes your bike to return to an 
    upright position after a turn.  Turn response time is the length of time it
    takes your bike to lean into a turn.

3.  Return the A/B switch to its original setting.  The Control Parameters Table
    is replaced by the Score/High Scores box.

The settings will be in effect until you change them, or until the machine is 
switched off.


Use down shifting to decrease speed quickly on sharp turns.

Different Straighten and Return response time settings work best on different 

To save wear and tear on your thumb, strap a rubber band around the joystick 
button that controls acceleration for long play sessions.

Quick reactions and joystick moves can help you maneuver your way through other
bikes on the track.


Racers receive points for each section of track completed.  Each track section 
is about two inches long on the screen.  If the racer is on the ground, he will
receive one point for each section of track.  Two points are awarded for each 
section when the racer is in the air.  

Hitting a ramp at a high enough speed to cause the bike to jump is worth 1000 

Jumping over an object results in additional points, if the racer doesn't hit 
the object and returns to the ground without crashing:

      Object          Points
      Enemy Bike.......3000
      Arrow Sign.......2000

When the game ends, players receive 1000 points for each enemy passed during the 
race and 5000 points for every second of unused play time.

                                     / | \

Atari Corporation is unable to guarantee the accuracy of printed material after
the date of publication and disclaims liability for changes, errors, or 

Reproduction of this document or of any portion of its contents is not allowed 
without the specific written consent of the Atari Corporation.

Atari, the Atari logo, MotorPsycho, and 7800 are trademarks or registered 
trademarks of Atari Corporation.

Copyright(c) 1990, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, California  94089-1302.
All rights reserved.

Printed in Hong Kong                   G.C. 8, 1990   C300018-052 Rev.  A

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